Gangsta Dux6 or Reverse Pygmalion

A very short story I wrote quickly for my little sister.

When university student 'Dalek' realises he could write a hit song with High-School student Parker's help, the two go about starting their own music group. Dalek helpfully gives Parker advice on how to be cool, like him, transforming her into the girl everyone wants to be around.
But in doing so, he makes both of them completely miserable.

A modern twist on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion (movie, My Fair Lady), this is a fun, light-hearted story that focuses on false-face, good music, sweet lyrics, and relationships.


3. Chapter Three: Putting Cool into Practice



When Sam walked into the dining room that night, heads turned.

            'Isn't that Ugly?'  One kid whispered, and another nodded confusedly.

            Sam had been completely re-done. His mousey hair had been styled, and now seemed to blow across his face. His blue eyes with largely unnoticed yellow fleck – his best feature – had been brought out by a blue shirt with green and yellow stripes running in opposite direction to make squares. The shirt was unbuttoned, and he wore a white T-shirt underneath. As for his blue jeans, some-one had fixed the cuffs so that they didn't flare out any-more – they actually looked like skinny jeans – and he wore blue canvas shoes instead of his filthy old sneakers. And sunglasses on his head. That couldn't be ignored.

            'Oh dear.' Dalek muttered under his breath, though he wasn't sure why.

            Sam walked casually over to his friends, when he was interrupted by one of the cool people.

            'Ugs? Is that you?'

            Sam looked up lazily. 'Yeah, that'd be me.'

            'You look different.'

            Inside, Sam was extremely excited that some-one was talking to him, but outwardly, he was already bored.

            'Yeah, I felt like it was time for a change. Got a bit bored, you know.'

            'I guess so.' There was a pause. 'Want to sit with us?'

            Sam panicked, and he glanced over at Dalek. The young man mouthed one word. 'No.' Then he added, 'say maybe next time. But I'd rather you sat with me.'

            Sam took this on board without thinking twice. 'No. But maybe next time. Though I think it would be better if you sat with me.'

            'Oh, okay. Well... is this seat taken?'

            Again, he looked at Dalek, who nodded .

            'Yeah.' A quick glance at Dalek. 'They all are.'

            'Oh, all right then. Hey, Parkes, do you want to sit with us?'

            'Uh...' She too, glanced at Dalek.

            'No thanks. But you can sit with me any time there's a free seat.'

            The cool people frowned and walked off. Dalek gave a congratulatory wink at the 'loser' group.

            'Gee, I love that.' Sam said, smiling.

            'I hate it.' Parker muttered. 'But I guess it's nicer than being ignored.'

            'Guys, I'm so going to have to join you!' Harry cried. 'I can play drums.'

            'Can you really?' Sam asked. 'Or are you just trying to get in for the cool lessons?'

            'No, I actually can.'

            'I feel like I have every right to join.' Liam put in. 'Because I'm Dalek's brother. I can play trumpet – I'm sure there's room for a trumpet in your group.'

            'And I can sing!' Leilani offered. 'And play guitar! Will you let me in!?'

            'I guess you can all join.' Parker said hesitantly. 'But I'll have to check with Lek. He should be fine though.'

            'So then we have to put a 6 after Gangsta Dux.' Sam said thoughtfully, and Parker sighed.

            'That's just going to look weird.'



'3,000 hits!' Hamish ran into the piano room screaming. '3,000 hits already! And dudes, you have agents wanting to contact you!'

            'Yes!' Dalek cried excitedly, running over to the computer to see.

            'Do you mind?' Sam said boredly. 'You're interrupting one of our few 'cool' lessons.'

            'This is cool!' Dalek cried. 'They want to interview us! Guys, we've nearly made it!'

            'Sweet. Now can we keep going?'

            'Guys, you've got to hurry up and put some more songs up. I've nearly finished the video for Happy is a good thing, right? But you really need to write another song.'

            'We're on it.' Dalek replied confidently. 'We're going to call it Gangsta Dux.'

            'Okay, cool, whatever. Will you be ready to shoot tomorrow?'

            There was a pause.

            'Day after tomorrow.'  Dalek bartered.

            'Good enough.' Hamish replied. 'Will see you then, four o'clock sharp.'

            The young man ran off, and Dalek turned excitedly to his group. 'We gotta get cracking.'



When the group went to dinner that night, they found that their table had been coupled with at least three others.

            'What's going on?' Sam muttered, looking up. His jaw fell open when he saw people – cool people – crowded around the tables.

            'We thought we'd sit with you and Parkes.' One of them explained. 'And because you didn't have enough room for us all, we thought we'd just combine tables.'

            Sam sat down, in a daze, and didn't say much for the rest of the evening. In contrast to this, Parker spoke constantly, enjoying putting her cool into practice.

            'I think Macs are way better than P. C.s,' she lied. 'Probably just because they're so in.'

            'I agree one hundred percent!' One of the cool people cried out. 'Microsoft is so lame – I can't believe anyone would by their products.'

            'Well, you know, I guess not everyone can be cool.'

            Dalek smiled. He'd never realised what a good teacher he was. His students were excelling at gaining popularity. Now all he had to do was teach them to be exclusive.

            'What are you guys doing this weekend?' He asked tiredly.

            'Nothing. But next month we're going to Jack's party.' Sarah replied. 'You know – the bloke that's not a boarder?'

            Dalek frowned. 'What are you going to his party for?'

            'Well, it's a party.'        

            'Shame. I was holding a card night – I was going to invite you all, but I guess you're busy.'

            Sarah laughed. 'Are you kidding me? If you're holding a card night, I'm there.'

            'Sweet!' Dalek cried, beaming. 'I'll look forward to it.'

            'I don't know if I'll come.' Mandy said. Then, turning to Parker, she asked, 'what are you doing on that weekend?'

            Oh dear. Dalek hadn't thought of this. To be cool, Parker would have to be exclusive. She'd have to compete with him.

            But Parker only smiled. 'I'm going to a sweet as card night to beat Lekka hands down!'

            Dalek smiled too. That was a good save.

            'Cool!' The remnant of people cried. 'Guess we'll all be there then.'

            'Yeah.' Sarah agreed. 'Forget about Jack. He's boring anyway.'

            Parker looked down, and Dalek felt a little bad. But there was no way they could let these people go to some-one else's party. Not if they wanted to stay cool.

            'Actually,' Parker said, and Dalek braced himself for the worst, 'I was hoping we could play cards at Jacks'.'

            Sarah blinked. 'What?'

            'Yeah. I thought it would be fun.'

            'But Dalek's not going.'

            'Yeah I am.' Daniel hurriedly said. 'Jack practically begged me to come.' Well, that much was true at least. He'd just have to call Jack up and say he wouldn't be studying after all.

            'Oh. Well, I guess we'll go there then.'

            The others murmured in agreement.

            'Well we're not going.' Liam and Leilani said in unison. 'We don't even know who this Jack guy is.'

            'I'm not going either.' Harry put in, but nobody seemed to care.

            'Doesn't anyone want to know what I'm doing this weekend?' Sam muttered, but no-one did. Dalek elbowed him, warning him not to speak like that.

            'Gee, you're really nice, Parkes.' Sarah put in. 'I bet you offered to play cards at Jack's because you knew nobody likes him.'

            Before Parker could say anything, Dalek nodded. 'Yeah. She sure did.'

            'That's so sweet!' Several of the girls cried.

            As the night continued, Dalek began to get the strangest feeling that maybe he hadn't done such a good thing. Because the more confident Parker got, the more people realised she actually was a cool person. And the more they realised that Parker was actually cool, the more they realised that he wasn't.



An interview, broadcasting nation-wide: not daunting at all, Dalek thought. Well, Parker seemed completely un-phased. Within the space of a few weeks they had numerous interviews, and the girl always handled the talking side of things well. As for Dalek, he stood aside with the others and let her win the crowd.

            She spent hours writing up what she was going to say beforehand, and – at first – she'd asked Daniel for his help. Now though, she didn't bother. She just waltzed in and did her thing.

            She was doing that more and more often, Daniel realised, and it was starting to bother him. But he continually told himself everything was all right. After all, she wasn't completely ignoring him.



The party was huge. Even Jack looked completely dumbfounded.

            'I didn't think anyone would come.' He breathed. 'Otherwise I probably wouldn't have made it open invitation. I... I don't know what to do with them.'

            Parker smiled kindly at the boy, who was in several of her classes. 'Just give them a good time. But don't let them ruin your house.'

            Parker broke all the rules of being cool, because she constantly aimed at making everyone mingle. Dalek shook his head, convinced that her popularity would never last, but – as he was pushed further and further into the corner – he began to wonder.

            'You're so nice!' Girls would squeal every so often, and Dalek knew it was true. Maybe that was where he'd gone wrong. Maybe he had to work on being real... he'd try that next time some-one spoke to him.

            But as the week dragged by, a new hierarchy came into being. Sam was no longer bullied, and felt comfortable enough to speak to more than just four people. Daniel's siblings became more and more like Parker's best friends slash minions, which meant they were largely ignored but regarded as cool, and Harry became known as the crazy one, who was lots of fun to hang around with. And Parker was at the top of it all.

            Eventually, as time passed, Parker began to recoil. She stuck to her established group of friends, not being cruel, but definitely being exclusive. Suddenly, no-one cared what Dalek had to say. It was as if he was just a memory. And it was driving him insane. Especially when they quoted things she'd said in interviews. Honestly, couldn't they tell that she'd spent hours preparing those speeches? And sometimes he'd helped her!

            Some-one played the Gangsta Dux theme song as he passed through the halls, and it made Daniel cringe. That song was written back when he was cool. Back when everyone else in the group (with the exception of his siblings) looked up to him and relied on him for cool lessons. How he wished he hadn't handed those out!

             One of the students knew all the words to every rap section, and it made Dalek smile a little. He couldn't help but sing along.


            When we walk into a room everyone stares

            They look at us and they just want us to be theirs

            They can't imagine anyone

            Cooler or any more fun

            They quickly learn we're cool

            And they quickly learn we're smart,

            And they easily see why we're each a

            Gangsta Dux



            Quack, quack, quack, quack

            We're cool

            Quack, quack, quack, quack

            We own that swag

            Like a gangsta

            Quack, quack, quack, quack,

            But we got them brains

            And we're topping every class

            Quack, quack, quack, quack

            That's why they call us...

            Quack, quack

            That's why they say...

            We're each a gangsta dux.


            Liam's on the trumpet, he's taking it away

            Leilani plays that riff on the 6 string easily.

            Sammy's got the bass line, he's making you j-jump.

            And Parker with her piano solo's building the adrenalin!


            You got me, Mr. D on the violin

            Each melodic gap that's comin' I am fillin' in

            Of course, there's Harry on them rockin' drums

            She gonna play all day until the party comes!


Chorus is repeated.


            So I hope you think before you say that geeks aren't cool

            And think twice 'fore you say the gangtsa is a fool

            Coz we're finding if you are cool brains don't g2g

            If smart and cool is what you are, than that is what you be!


Chorus is repeated.


            Dalek shook his head sadly at that last line and moved on. He wasn't cool at all – he'd known that all along. So why was he so annoyed with Parker? It was because she wasn't cool either. She was just nice. Everything she'd done to win a reputation as cool was a lie. She'd just been doing what he'd told her to do. He wondered how he could tell her to stop without saying anything – he hated confrontation.

            That was when he had a brilliant idea.

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