Gangsta Dux6 or Reverse Pygmalion

A very short story I wrote quickly for my little sister.

When university student 'Dalek' realises he could write a hit song with High-School student Parker's help, the two go about starting their own music group. Dalek helpfully gives Parker advice on how to be cool, like him, transforming her into the girl everyone wants to be around.
But in doing so, he makes both of them completely miserable.

A modern twist on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion (movie, My Fair Lady), this is a fun, light-hearted story that focuses on false-face, good music, sweet lyrics, and relationships.


4. Chapter Four: How to Say 'I Hate You' Without Saying Anything At All




Perhaps one of the most annoying things Parker had achieved was the destruction of the cool dining room. Now anyone could sit there, regardless of how many people were sitting at their table or who was sitting at their table. Tonight, Dalek made a point of sitting in this dining room by himself. He hadn't expected Parker to come and sit right next to him.

            'Go away.' He said, without thinking.

            Parker frowned. 'Why?'

            'Because this is the cool dining room, and this is my table.'

            Parker sighed. 'Daali, I'm not excluding you. If you want to talk to your friends just do it. Unfortunately, they just keep following me around and I don't get a break from it.'

            'Just be yourself – then they'll go away.'

            Parker frowned again. 'What are you saying?'

            'I hate you!' Dalek wanted to cry, but he didn't. 'It's just that you're not being yourself anymore.' He said instead. 'You were at first. But now – you're just... stuck in this role. Baye, this was a get rich quick scheme. It doesn't require a life time of lying. You can stop if you want.'

            Parker was taken back. 'What did you call me?'

            'I called you by your middle-name, but that's beside the point.'

            'What makes you think I'm pretending to be anyone? Am I really that inadequate that I have to pretend to be some-one else to have friends?'

            Dalek shook his head desperately. 'No! That's not what I'm saying! What I'm trying to say is... I know how it feels to be torn between lying and having friends and telling the truth and being all alone.'

            'I was never all alone.'

            'Exactly! So why don't you just stop this whole act?'

            There was a pause.

            'You're just jealous.' Parker suddenly concluded. 'Because you think I've stolen all your friends.'

            'Parkes, that's not true!' He sighed. 'Okay, maybe it is a little. But the only one who still talks to me is Hamish! Surely you understand that.'

            'Like I said, I haven't stolen any of your friends. But if it helps, I'll leave you alone, okay?'


            But the girl walked off before he could say another word.



Parker knew it was true. Between the interviews, the videos, the cool lessons, and the constant playing of Dalek's friends – or former friends – she'd gotten lost in a character she'd never meant to play. But at least in doing so she'd stopped Dalek from making the same mistake. His siblings liked him better now, and his friends were true friends instead of shallow followers. But at the same time – she missed her friends. And she felt like she was ditching them more than more. Finally, she began to see why Daniel hated this place so much. She had to get out.

            She ran outside, not sure about what she was doing, and began to run to the street. She didn't stop when some-one called her name, she just kept walking.

            'Parker!' The voice called again, and she realised it was Dalek.

            'Go away!' She called, using his exact words from before. 'I hate you for this! How on earth am I meant to get out of this stupid game?'

            'I don't know!' Dalek cried, catching up with her and following her onto the street. 'Because I never got to find out. You did it for me.'

            Parker paused. Then, slowly, she asked, 'Daniel. Why are you angry with me – exactly?'

            Daniel sighed. 'Because. You're not you any-more. And I like you. I don't like the pretend you – because I can see... and I know... it makes the real you unhappy. Parkes, you can stop acting. We'll call the whole thing off. I'll do the right thing and work for my money. Just – be yourself, okay? Stop lying and pretending your some-one you're not.'

            'I don't know, Lek. You've got a lot riding on that person. If I just suddenly stop pretending, you'll never get famous, and you're not going to get out of here for years.'

            'I'll cope, okay? That's my problem.'

            Parker sighed. 'But I can't just stop, Daniel.'

            'Why not? Are you afraid of being shunned again?'

            'No. Not by them, anyway. And I'm not afraid of never being famous. I just don't want to see you lying to yourself. I hate it when you lie to yourself.'

            Daniel shifted. 'I don't pretend to be some-one else when I'm with you.'

            'Yeah. Liam says that's because you can afford to. No-one's going to listen to me.'

             Daniel chuckled. 'Well Liam has that all wrong. Honestly, I thought your words said no more than two minutes ago would have shown you that – if anything – I can't afford not to be myself with you.'

            Parker smiled a little. 'I guess so.'

            'Look, Parkes. I promise if you drop this, I'll try harder not to be 'cool'.' He moved his fingers as he said the word, cheering his friend up a lot.

            There was a pause before Parker said, 'so, just to clear things up, you now hate me, right?'

            Dalek shook his head. 'Not you. Just who I've told you to be.'

            'That's a clever answer.'

            'It's true.'

            'Thanks. And, Daniel... I'm sorry that I started ignoring you.'

            'That's okay. I guess you can say you've gotten me back for not talking to you for two years.'

            'Revenge isn't a good thing, Daniel.'

            Daniel smiled. 'That sounds like you. Now, if you don't mind, do you think we could go back to school? It's just about curfew, and we're going to be dead if we're not back in time.'

            Parker nodded. 'Good idea.'



Things returned to normal remarkably quickly, as Parker started clinging to her real friends again. The cool dining room was well and truly gone though, and Sam made a point of moving his friends into it.

            'Are your parents coming to presentation night?' Harry asked as she sat down.

            Sam shook his head. 'My mum has to work that night. Besides, it's too far away for them.'

            'You're not rich either?' Leilani asked. Sam only shook his head in reply.

            'My parents are coming – as always.' Harry said teasingly, rubbing things in. 'So I'm going to have a great night. What about you and Liam, Lani? I don't think I've ever seen your parents.'

            Liam looked down angrily, as if he knew something, whereas Leilani answered, 'I don't think they'll be able to make it.'

            'My parents live too far away.' Parker put in. 'So I'll be sulking along with Sam.'

            'My parents will be there.' Hamish replied brightly. 'To see my little sister pass year 10.'

            Dalek stayed very quiet.

            'Hey, Lek.' Some-one called as they passed. 'Wanna sit with us?'

            Daniel smiled kindly. 'Well, I've finished dinner, but sure.'

            He followed the girl to the 'cool' table and sat down, perfectly relaxed. Sam smiled.

            'At least he doesn't have a split personality anymore. It's nice to see him act the same with everyone.'

            'Yeah.' Liam agreed. 'Like I said, he's actually all right when he's not acting.'



Parker met Dalek in the piano room the next afternoon, as their fame hadn't died at all since they'd stopped acting. So far, it looked like Daniel just might make it out of school after all, and the two continued working, half for the money, half for the fun of it.

            'You look down.' Parker noticed as she entered. ''Sup?'

            Daniel only looked away. Then, finally, he whispered, 'they didn't tell me.'

            'Who didn't?' Parker said, beginning to grow solemn.

            'My parents. They didn't tell me dad's had cancer for the past two years. It's no wonder I haven't seen them all this time!' He turned around, and Parker saw that he was crying. 'Parkes, he's dying! And they didn't tell me!'

            Parker didn't know what to say. 'What? Why? Why would they hide something like that?'

            'Because. They didn't want me to be distracted. They wanted me to keep studying.'

            'So why tell you now?'

            'They didn't. Liam did.'


            The room fell silent.   

            'I'm sorry, Daniel.'

            'You didn't do anything, Baye. But... thanks.'

            Suddenly, Sam burst in. 'Lekka! The principal wants you!'

            Daniel sighed bitterly. 'Do you think this is a good enough excuse for skipping class or should I come up with something?' He asked Parker.

            'I think this is fine.' Was all she said in reply.

            Reluctantly, Daniel left the room and made his way to the principal's office. When he finally made it there, he stood outside the door with a certain amount of fear before tentatively knocking. The door swung open almost instantly.

            'Daniel!' The principal greeted him, and he hoped no-one had overheard his name. 'Come in!'

            He entered demurely, and was surprised to see his siblings were already in the room.

            'What did you do?' He groaned, wondering why he was here. Then he froze.

            'We did nothing.' Leilani replied, and Liam glared at her. He needn't have bothered, for Daniel hadn't heard a word she'd said.

            'What are you doing here?' He finally muttered. Then, thinking the better of what he'd said, he rushed forward, trying to hide his tears, and hugged his father. 'Why didn't you tell me?' He sobbed.

            'Liam wasn't meant to say anything.' His mother replied. 'It's surprising that for once Leilani could keep a secret better than her brother.'

            'Ssh.' His father whispered, taking a different approach. 'I'm sorry. We should have told you earlier. But... I'm glad Liam told you.'

            'He's going to be fine.' Liam muttered, seeing as his parents hadn't cut to the chase. 'So you can stop crying.'

            Daniel did stop crying, more or less, and tried to enjoy his parents’ first visit in years.



They didn't stay for presentation night, so he and his siblings sat in the 'unloved' group with Sam and Parker.

            'You know.' Sam muttered about halfway through the night, as some year 7's snickered about how ugly he was, 'I kind of like being uncool. There's no pressure, you know? You just show up and do your thing and go.'

            Dalek smiled. 'I know what you mean. It's good to finally stop acting.'

            'It's good to see you finally stop acting.' Liam put in. He'd warmed to his brother considerably since he'd stopped putting on a show.

            'Thanks bru.' Daniel replied, smiling lovingly at his brother.

            The night was incredibly boring, and Sam kept everyone entertained by whispering snide remarks. One class performance was so dull, however, that Sam couldn't even find anything to say about it, and so he started a conversation.

            'Funny about that whole plot thing I suggested.' He said, smirking. 'You gave her cool lessons and hated her when she was cool.'

            Daniel rolled his eyes. 'True. See, I told you it wouldn't happen.'

            'I think it did. Just in reverse.'

            'Go away, Sam. It did not happen.'

            Sam just shook his head teasingly. 'That's what they say in My Fair Lady, even at the end.'

            'Go away.' Parker put in, having heard only the last remark and catching the gist of the conversation.

            Sam chuckled. 'Ah, you guys love me.' He paused. 'And my new fashion sense. Which I suppose is really Hamish's. Not mine.'

            The night continued to drag on until Sam actually fell asleep.

            'Entertaining evening.' Parker joked, whispering to Daniel.

            Daniel only laughed.

            Finally, Dalek was called to the stage. Giving Sam a gentle shove so he'd wake up, he ran down the aisle to the stage.

            'Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!' He addressed the crowd. 'I'm sure you're all aware that I'm part of a group called Gangsta Dux...' There was cheering. 'And tonight we're going to perform a new song for you. Parkes and I wrote it earlier today, and we didn't have time to get it checked by Sam, our linguist, so it may or may not be totally incorrect. At any rate, the chorus has some French in it (and it means 'fools may be deceived, but God cannot) – which we checked on Google Translate. So yeah, it probably is wrong. Anyway, I hope you like it. It's called Mais Dieu Ne Peut, or But God Cannot,  and I really hope I said that right, but Sam didn't wince, so maybe I did.'

            The rest of the group ran onto the stage, and they began playing their new song. Everyone was familiar with the music, but the lyrics were new. As Daniel had said, they'd only been written that day.

Verse 1:

            The world looks on your outward appearance

            While God looks at your heart

            And people choose to change their face

            For money and fame for a start.


            God gives each person one face,

            But they make themselves another.

            And while people may be opposite,

            Each chooses to act like the other.



            Well, be assured, each person here

            That God knows when you lie to Him

            And be assured, each person here,

            That lying to Him is a sin.



            Fools peuvent se tromper,

            Mais Dieu ne peut pas

            He can read your heart

            No matter who you are.


            Fools peuvent se tromper,

            Mais Dieu ne peut pas

            God cannot be fooled

            Even while mortals are.


Verse 2:

            Le monde regarde votre apparence

            Alors que Dieu regarde au coeur

            Et les gens choisissent de changer leur visage

            Pour de l'argent et la gloire pour un début.


            Dieu donne à chacun une face,

            Mais ils se font une autre.

            Et tandis qu'ils peuvent être à l'opposé,

            Chaque agit exactement comme l'autre.


Bridge 2:

            Eh bien, soyez tranquille, chaque personne ici

            Que Dieu sait quand vous mentez à Lui

            Et soyez assuré, chaque personne ici,

            Que le mensonge lui est un péché.


Chorus is repeated.



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