Gangsta Dux6 or Reverse Pygmalion

A very short story I wrote quickly for my little sister.

When university student 'Dalek' realises he could write a hit song with High-School student Parker's help, the two go about starting their own music group. Dalek helpfully gives Parker advice on how to be cool, like him, transforming her into the girl everyone wants to be around.
But in doing so, he makes both of them completely miserable.

A modern twist on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion (movie, My Fair Lady), this is a fun, light-hearted story that focuses on false-face, good music, sweet lyrics, and relationships.


5. Chapter Five: A Very Brief Ending to a Very Brief Story



Parker enjoyed listening to Dalek practicing. The pianist was brilliant, and she could tell when he was reserving songs for their group. But today she especially looked forward to taking her turn on the piano. As parents came to pick up their children and take them home for the holidays, the school gradually emptied. So far, she, Dalek, Liam, and Leilani were four of the few people that were still left.

            The door to the piano room opened and closed, so Parker crept in, unnoticed, as there was nobody around to notice her. She began to practice her scales before skipping to a favourite piece of hers.   

            'Well, I guess it's getting better.' She muttered. Then she tried another of her pieces.

            Sam's mother had already picked him up, and had accidentally let her son's real name slip. Parker had thought it kind of cool, but had asked where Sam came from. That had been awkward. Sam had never told her his father had died. In a car accident, the mother had said, with Sam's only sibling – his younger sister. Parker began to realise why Sam always seemed so distant and demure. But he did a good job putting on a brave face.

            Harry had been gone for weeks now, as always. She was holidaying overseas – France, if Parker remembered the schedule correctly. If not, it would be Fiji or Hawaii.

            Parker's fingers slipped, and she frustratedly tried the section of the piece again. 'Gee, this is hard.' She muttered to herself.

            She'd heard about Dalek's father being fine almost as soon as he and his siblings had left the room. She only hoped the parents weren't lying.

            As for Gangsta Dux, the group was going quite well, though they didn't do as many interviews anymore. But – even though they were all earning a fair amount of money – it didn't look like any-one wanted to quit. Being a part of the group was just too much fun.

            Parker's fingers slipped again, and she sighed. 'I'll never be a good pianist.' She muttered to herself.

            'Don't say that.'  Another voice said, and she jumped. 'You just have to practice a little more. Come on, go back to the scales. You passed over them far too quickly.'

            It was the pianist. The pianist who was still hailed as the coolest artist in the school. The pianist who was sure to be the next great composer of the world. The pianist who was not considered tedious, over-intelligent, and prudish.

            'I don't like scales.' Was all she managed to say in reply. Then she regretted it and turned back to the piano. A free lesson from the pianist was not to be thrown away.

            'Neither do I.' The pianist said, smiling cheekily, and she began to understand why he was still so popular, despite the fact that he no longer tried to be.

            They had a very brief piano lesson, during which he told her to lift her fingers higher, play staccato, and hit the keys more directly. Then he smiled, cried, 'such improvement!' and looked as if he were about to leave.

            'Thank you.' She said quickly, before he could go.

            Daniel just smiled and said, 'I'm not leaving. Otherwise you'll never practice your scales.'

            Parker laughed, and started again.








The End



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