Life's Tough

The life if a family consisting of a boyfriend and girlfriend with a baby.


1. The beginning

      James woke to the sound of the roaring thunder. He slowly looked over at his girlfriend, Jennifer, and then checked the time . It was 3:00 in the morning. He sighed and slowly got up out of bed. The thunder continued as James pulled on some pajama pants and a t-shirt.
      "Why the hell did I even get up", James said before suddenly hearing a wail come from the room down the hallway. "Great, just great", James said sarcastically. He slowly shuffled out of his room and into the hallway.
      As James moved further down the hallway, the crying got closer and louder. He winced at the ear shattering wails that came from the room. He finally reached the room of the source and slowly opened the door.
      Inside the room, sat three items. A crib, a rocking chair, and a changing table. A very simple nursery. Before I get to in depth let me explain what has happened.


      When James met Jennifer, they both had a lot in common. They both loved roller coasters, rock music, and all sorts of other things. They would seem like the perfect couple. After a few months of being "friends", they finally started dating.  Everybody thought they were cute together.
      When they began dating it was exactly one month since Jennifer's old boyfriend had gotten her pregnant and left her. It was a secret she kept until James began to notice weird things going on. For example, Jennifer would wake up most mornings sick and later in the day she got really emotional.
      James had considered taking her to go see a doctor. When she heard that she couldn't help but tell him. When she explained it to him, he took it pretty well and said that the baby's gonna need a father figure around. So James moved into Jennifer's house and has lived with her ever since.
      The next eight months were the hardest journey James has ever taken. Due to her pregnancy, Jennifer couldn't walk much because the baby got heavier each month. He also had to deal with her emotional stress. All those hard eight months payed off because on October 15, 2012, Jennifer gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She named him Axel. It has been almost a month since Axel was born so James was still getting used to being woken up in the middle of the night constantly. Now, lets get back to the story.


      James rubbed his eyes and yawned as he entered Axel's nursery. The crying had gotten louder and was getting worse ever minute. James walked over to the crib and looked down into it. He saw a wailing infant with a scrunched up face laying there. James smiled as he lowered his arms in the crib to retrieve the baby. He slowly slipped his hands under Axel's butt and head and began to lift the baby off the soft mattress if the crib and into his arms.
      James placed Axel in a cradled position in his arms and began to try and find out what was wrong. He tried pacing around the room while bouncing Axel slightly but that didn't seem to help much. The crying only seemed to get louder and louder. James stopped pacing and bouncing and checked the baby's diaper and it was dry and empty.  James had only one solution. " He needs milk", James said quietly as he rushed out of the room with Axel still cradled and crying in his arms.

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