I Would

Hi. My name is Amber. Amber Blake. I was just a normal ordinary shy teenage girl. I was dating a boy name Jake Parker. He was quite popular. Which is surprised because i'm not popular. In fact, I think I'm the most unliked kid in our grade.
My best friend was Harry Styles. He stuck up for me and we did everything together. He understood me and I understood him.
Jake was abusive to me. That is why I am so insecure about myself. I'm scared someone will see my bruises and cuts and that they will make fun of me. Harry finds out about it and he just won't stand for it.
What will he do?
Continue reading to find out.


2. Another Normal Day.

Ambers P.O.V.

We pulled into the school and Harry parked his car. As soon as he got out he ran to get my door for me. "Why thank you." I said with a smile.

"Anything for you!" He also smiled.

Harry and I walked inside the school, side by side. Me and him have the same classes, all day long. I think it's pretty exciting since he is my best friend.

"Hey, I have to go to my locker to get my math books." I said, looking over at him.

"Okay, I have to aswell, I'll meet you in math?" He said smiling cheekily.

"Of course!" He and I hugged and I headed to my locker. My boyfriend, Jake, was coming over to me. He was very popular in school. I don't know why he is dating me. I'm shy. I barely have any friends and I wouldn't consider myself the prettiest girl. Out of all the other girls, at least.

He was abusive to me. That is why I am shy about myself. I am afraid people with see my bruises and cuts and laugh at me.

I looked at him. "Hey.."

"Hi. Why were you talking to that other boy?" He said.

I could tell he was angry.

"What? He is just a friend, Jake." I turned to open my locker. I wasn't scared. I knew he would hurt me, but I had gotten used to it. He does this almost every day. A week without him hurting me and just loving and caring for me would be GREAT.

"Just a friend? I saw you hug him." He was glaring intensely at me.

I turned back to him. "A friendly hug, Jake. That is all that happened."

The bell for first period wen't off.

Thank god. I wouldn't have wanted to get beaten by my own boyfriend in the middle of school. I ask myself why I'm still together with him everyday. I think of breaking up with him, but then I tell myself no. He was my first boyfriend ever. I'm not that social. But I still love him. I don't know what to do though. He won't stop hurting me...

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