They Don't Have To Know About Us

Holly and Daniel have been best friends since 6th grade. Holly has had a crush on Daniel since 7th grade. Does he feel the same about her? Read and find out!


5. Where's Holly and Daniel??

Tommy's POV

Im so nervous I can't wait to see Holly . I'm finally going to do it,'m gonna ask her out. I'm wearing the shirt she likes. I'm gonna give her roses. I texted her to met me in the gazebo at lunch. Well she never responded and I tried texting Daniel but he didn't answer either. I tried texting Lizzy and Austin but got nothing . I tried asking Taylor and she's said " why should I care ?  " and I said " it's her birthday and I'm gonna  ask her out". Taylor justs said "oh " in disgust. I really don't understand why Alex likes her ,well I asked Alex if he knew where holly was and he said " I saw her run off with Daniel and Austin and Lizzy off campus." Then I thought dang it ill just call her. Then at lunch I texted her "WHERE ARE YOU ?!?!?" then she  replied "sry at the beach with Daniel and Lizzy and Austin  why do you wanna know ?" .Then I said " just asking I need to ask you something really important" and she says " can you ask me now?" .i couldn't ask her over the phone " I'll just ask you later when I see you at youth group ok" then she said " ok see you then " then I went back to class trying to figure out to do.


Holly's POV

Why was Tommy worried about me? Huh I went to Daniel and you asked him "do you want to go to youth group tonight with me?" and he replied "yes I would love to"

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