They Don't Have To Know About Us

Holly and Daniel have been best friends since 6th grade. Holly has had a crush on Daniel since 7th grade. Does he feel the same about her? Read and find out!


9. The next day

I woke up the next morning some what stressed out. I didn't know how I will talk to Tommy now with out it being awkward. Well I got to school and talking to Lizzy standing at my locker and felt someone hug me from behind me. I turn around to see it was Daniel and I hugged him and kissed him and  said "good morning" and he said " good morning beautiful" it made me blush a little. Then I turned around to continue to talk to Lizzy and Daniel had his arms wrapped around me waist still. Then while I was talking to Lizzy, Austin came and hugged Lizzy and kissed her too. Then the bell rang which ment it was time for class, me and Daniel had first period together then I said by to Lizzy and Austin and Daniel did their handshake and said by. Then Daniel says "can we hold hands??" And I said "yes" then he grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine(best feeling ever). Then we got in class and say down next to each other, then after class he had a different class to go to and we said by and I went on to my next class. Then at lunch I was eating with Lizzy and Austin and Daniel. Then Daniel says "when's the spring  dance?" Then Austin says " in two weeks why?" Then Daniel gets on one knee and says " holly will u go to the spring dance with me? . Then I said yes and we kissed and I look around and I see tommy looking at us and sadly eating his lunch. I feel so bad for him what do I do?!

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