They Don't Have To Know About Us

Holly and Daniel have been best friends since 6th grade. Holly has had a crush on Daniel since 7th grade. Does he feel the same about her? Read and find out!


3. Making it official between us

Daniels POV

O MY GOD! She likes me! Holly likes me! Yes!! 

Then I looked at her and she barely got the message and she opened it and her jaw dropped. She looked at me and smiled and she hugged me and buried her face in my neck .I did the same to her and I squeezed her in the middle of the hug I could feel her smiling.She pulled out and our faces were inches apart and I felt like I had to kiss her so I leaned it and she leaned in to and we kiss I felt sparks like fireworks in my stomach.

Hollys POV

OH MY GOD!!! He likes me!! He likes me I hugged him and let go but didn't fully pull away. Our faces inches apart he leaned in and in my head I say "Oh crap what do I do??" So I just leaned in and kissed him. I can't believe we kissed it felt amazing I felt butterflies and sparks.

nobodys POV

While their foreheads were pressed agianst eachother while he was touching her face. Then he asked " do you want your present now?" then she replied "sure".Then he grabbed his backpack and pulled out a little box and he turned to her and said" Holly I've known you for a really long time and I've had feelings for you for a long time and I was wondering if you would wear this ring if you'll be my girlfriend?". Holly was in shock but got some words out and said"yes i would love to ge your girlfriend how about let's ditch and go to the beach?" Daniel agreed ans she got her stuff and people were barely getting to school and her and Daniel were running holding hands and we see Austin and Lizzy and they stopped in front of us to say hi. Then Holly asked Daniel if its okay to invite them to go with them to go to the beach with them and he said yea . Then holly asked Lizzy and Austin if they want to go and they said yea and Austin asked "I can drive?" Amd holly said "that's perfect thanks". While walking over to Austin's car with was a Black Range Rover Daniel grabbed Hollys hand and asked "can we tell them so at the beach it won't get awkward?" Holly said "yea when we get in the car k" and Daniel nodded. They all got in the car and Daniel sat in the seat next to you even though there was a seat next to him free. Then Daniel nudged you trying to tell you tell them and you nodded. While we were driving out of the school holly said "me and Daniel have something to tell you but you have to promise not to tell anybody?" They both nodded "me and Daniel are together" and Lizzy said " oh My Gosh really yey!" . Then Holly sat back and put her head on Daniels shoulder and he grabbed her hand and said" it's okay if you take a nap I will wake you up when we get there". Holly nodded then closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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