OneDirection Are In Our House

Betina and her friend Maxinne saw one direction in their house


4. The DATE.

After they have planned for the date, they have decided to take me and Maxinne to a mall with Niall. While we are in the mall, they will set up the date. Then Liam called Niall at the phone Liam said "Niall bring them back here!! the date is set up!" Then Niall said "Let's go back Bea and Maxinne :)" Then when we went back to our house. We saw 2 tables for A date. Me and Maxinne said "A-A Date?" Then they nodded their heads ^_^  Then we asked confusely "But Who's our date? and where are Zayn and Harry? then they opened the door and we saw Zayn and Harry dressed up!! First they let both of us eat. Then they proposed to us and said Zayn: Will you marry me Maxinne?      Maxinne: Yes I do wanna marry you.     Then here comes to me and Harry!!     Harry: Will you marry me Bea?       Me: Yes I wanna marry you.                           

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