A girl in colage is having to find a new room mate after her ex boyfriend moved out but little does she know her new room mate is in a Irish/ British boyband known as One Direction.


4. Today's the day

Louis POV
                I woke up next to Sam and I was happy she didn't leave yet she was still asleep. I decided to go pick up breakfast from McDonald's I left a note telling her where I went in case she woke up. I left with my jacket on with the hood up and my darkest pair of sunglasses.  I walked out the door on my way to the door I saw paps outside so then i just left and ignord their questions. I made my way down the street and picked up breakfast on the way home i noticed a little jewelry shop that had the  One Direction line of jewelry right then i thought of the most perfect way to ask her out and it is going to happen today. I went in a picked out a necklace that was the Louis Tomlinson part of the line and i helped design it I was excited for a date with Sam, now i just have to get home and ask her out. I got home and she was still asleep, I decided to wake her up so I whispered in her ear wake up but she didn't move so then I needed to kiss her so i kissed her forehead and she smiled in her sleep I then blasted Kiss You on the stereo in her room and it just so happened to be the song that was first on her cd. I smiled as she screamed and shot up in the bed.

Sam's POV
                I was half asleep when i heard the door open and felt Louis kiss my forehead I smiled and then he walked away then I suddenly hear Kiss You play on my radio on full blast then next thing I knew Louis was laughing at me I blushed then we went down stairs where Louis had set up 2  bags of food I asked him why he got breakfast and he told me that he liked me and wanted to take me to dinner I agreed to go and I was excited, after we finished eating I told him I was going to the mall to go get an outfit for dinner tonight, and I asked him what I should wear and he told me a bathing suit with a sun dress, since it was starting to get warmer while going into summer I agreed and he asked if he could come I told him that he might be bored but he insisted on going with me. At the mall I decide to go to one of my favorite stores forever 21 and Louis picked me out a stripped bikini and a red sun dress.  Then he told me to go look at shoes and I agreed and he said he would meet me at the shoe store down stairs I gave him some money to pay for my clothes and I left to get shoes.

Louis POV
               She agreed to go to to dinner and I decided to take her to to the beach and have a picnic on the beach. She gave me money to pay but I didn't use it she deserves to be spoiled by me today because I think I an falling in love with her and she's not even mine yet. As I left the store I saw the purse she was looking at earlier so I bought it for her and then I saw some bracelets that would go with her outfit and let's just say $150 later I went to find Sam she was still looking at shoes and I put her money that she gave me into the purse I bought her. She found 5 pairs of shoes she likes and she was waiting in line and I told her that she should go find a table in the food court to eat. She gave me more money and she left I paid for her shoes and found her sitting at a table near a Mexican food place called chipolte  she said that it was her favorite so I ordered and we ate and decided that it was time to go home. When we got home I started getting ready for the date and so did Sam. I told her about the extra things that I picked out she just smiled and thanked me, I was ready and waiting for Sam to come down the stairs it was about 5:30 when she did my jaw dropped she looked gorgeous , she turned around as her red dress was flowing around with her. I was wearing a striped shirt with my red pants with my swimsuit underneath. We left and spent a half hour in the car singing along to the One Direction cd she had in there, when we got there I set up the picnic in a secret spot that I found while filming WMYB it was the perfect spot and she seemed to like it. We sat down and I took out the food I bought from Olive Garden to go and we sat and talked and ate then decided to go in the water, we went into the water and then decided to walk along the beach at sunset, it was almost perfect it just needed one thing, a kiss. We started heading back before the sun went completely down and that's when I swung her around and without her saying a word slammed my lips onto hers and she kissed me back, I felt fireworks and sparks, I knew that I loved her and needed her to be mine. We both pulled away and she smiled and blushed and I told her that I love to make you blush and she blushed again. We went back to the picnic and that's when I pulled out the necklace and asked her to be my girlfriend, she didn't even have to think and she yelled yes and we went home and during the car ride I reached for her hand and held it the whole way home. When we got back Sam showered and then I showered and we went to go watch the teli  and a celebrity gossip show was on and there was a picture of me and Sam and Sam said look I'm on tv I smiled and asked if it was okay we go public and she said that its fine we cuddled and watched tv and ended up falling asleep.i was so happy she said yes I whispered goodnight and carried her up to her room I left to go to my room when she said that I could stay with her tonight I smiled and laid down next to her and she culled up to me and I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

A\N: I hope you are liking it so far it's fun to write even though it takes me all day to Ill probably update again tomorrow love you 

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