A girl in colage is having to find a new room mate after her ex boyfriend moved out but little does she know her new room mate is in a Irish/ British boyband known as One Direction.


2. Room for rent

    I posted online that I hade a room available and only got one response so I agreed to meet with him. In the description it said that he is coming form London. I was about to search his name up on google but it was too late he was here earlier than anticipated. He knocked at the door and I got up to get it and he had a sweatshirt on and dark glasses. I told him that he was inside so no need for the glasses and its summer so it's hot out so I asked him if he was cold he said no and then I said come in. I asked him basic questions and then I asked him if he could take off is dark sunglasses and he did and I saw in icey blue eyes and I must have been memorized for a second because he had to wave his hand in my face to get my attention. I snapped out of it then I asked him if he was single and he said yes. I think I am falling for him and this could be bad.

Louis POV

She opened the door and I was lost in her blue-grey eyes she let me in and asked basic questions then asked me to take my glasses off then I did and I was ready for a scream but it never came.she was looking into my eyes and I had to wave my hand to get her attention.then the next question was asking if I was single. It's been a year since my breakup with El and I am completely over that she was a bitch and I deserve better.she then asked if I had many friends and I told her I have 4 mates and she smiled and asked if they would be around a lot I said most likely I don't think she knows who I am just yet.

   Sam's POV 

 He looks so familiar but he is still covering his hair if I saw his hair I would most likely know who he is. I ask him a couple more questions and decided that he will be a great room mate so I asked him when can you move in he said that he needed some where to stay tonight so I told him to stay here he smiled and nodded. I asked him if he was hungry it was around dinner time so I told him I'll cook something. I cooked him one of my favorites Mac and cheese I used my moms method of just throw cheese in there till it tastes good. He must've liked it because he ate most of it I smiled and he noticed me staring at him and said in his sexy British accent it's hard to eat with someone watching me. I blushed and looked down to hide it.then I asked him to tell me about himself. He said that he's form Doncaster he loves carrots and he is in a boy band. I gasped and shuddered your Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. He smiled and took off his hood and said took you long enough. I was in complete shock because I am a directioner it just didn't occur to me that  Louis would end up needing a room mate. We finished up dinner well Louis finished it and I took the dishes over to the sink to wash them he told me to go and do something else that he would do the dishes. I said okay and went to go and shower.

 Louis POV 

  I offered to wash the dishes and she went to go do something else I soon heard the shower start. I finished the dishes and decided to go look around the house.i figured out the set up was a three story building that the first story is the garage, the second floor was the kitchen and the living room, the upstairs was the rooms and bathroom.there was one room at each end of the hall and a bathroom in the middle. I heard Sam singing and she was good she was singing to give me love by Ed Sheeran. Then I went to find my room I walked into the closest room and I saw pictures on the wall and I was looking at them then when I went to leave I wasn't paying attention and I ran right into Sam she was just in a towel and I was laying on top of her and I apologized and she said its okay as long as you stop crushing me I said sorry and I got up off of her and she told me the other room is my room.i went across the hall and went to my room it had a bed with a stripped blanket on it the walls were a bright red and there was a picture of a stage on the wall that looked like was professionally taken. I turned to see Samantha standing in the doorway and I said sorry for earlier and she said it was fine then I asked about the picture and she said that was actually a the stage I performed on when Sam went to her first One Direction concert I said so you have heard of us she said of course and she told me she is a directioner since she was 15. And then I asked her where she got the picture and she told me that she took it. We then talked for a while and we agreed on watching a movie. She picked Tangled because she said its one of her favorites. We went into her room to watch it and in the middle she fell asleep on my shoulder. I then ended up falling asleep more towards the end of the movie. 

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