A girl in colage is having to find a new room mate after her ex boyfriend moved out but little does she know her new room mate is in a Irish/ British boyband known as One Direction.


3. Next day

      Sam's POV
                 I woke up the next morning I had a wonderful sleep for some reason but when I opened my eyes i noticed that Lou fell asleep next to me but I was happy he did. I think I have a crush. I decided to get up and cook breakfast. I got up as silent as possible and went to the kitchen. I took out the kettle to make my morning tea, then i take out bacon, eggs, and toast. I then filled the kettle and put it on the stove and then I started the bacon. and then I decided to make a bacon and cheese omelets I make the omelets and put then at the table and then I put toast on the plates and I put tea on the table. then I hear some one walking down the stairs.

       Louis POV
                I smelt bacon and heard the kettle whistling and I looked around looking for Samantha but she wasn't in the room so I figured that she went down stairs. Last night I slept great I haven't been able to sleep well since me and El split up. I found a girl I like and I wasn't even looking. I want her to be mine but I think she will think its to soon. I felt hungry so I decided to go down and see what there is to eat for breakfast. I walk down the stairs to see Sam sitting at the table and sipping at her tea. I smiled and asked her what's all this she answered well its your first day here so I made you breakfast. I told her thanks and asked her if she drank tea every morning and she told me that most mornings she did except when she is in a hurry then so goes and picks up a coffee from the Starbucks down the road. I smiled while staring into her gray-blue eyes she noticed me staring and she looked down I could tell that she was blushing I smiled and continued eating. She is a great cook I decided to ask her about her cooking and she said that she loves to cook and bake because when she was in high school she had to cook dinner almost every night because of her family never being home and her mum owning her own store and not being home till late. I complemented on her cooking and said that she can cook or bake for me when ever she wants. she smiled and agreed that she will cook a lot for me.

        Sam's POV
                He likes my cooking, I always thought I was a terrible cook because my mom was a great cook so I could never live up to her cooking. After we finished I did the dishes and went to get ready for my photography class. I went upstairs and went to take a shower and then decided on wearing a short striped dress with my red wedged heels. i put on some eye liner and mascara and then it was time to go. I told Louis that i was going to class and asked him what he was doing today he told me that he was going to hang out today and that he had no plans. I told him that I will see him after class as I waltzed out the door. It took me 5 minutes to walk to class then class began . 

Louis POV
               Sam was leaving and I couldn't help but watch her walk out the door she dressed like me in a striped dress and red shoes. after she left I watched some TV and then someone was at the door so I answered it and it was 2 girls that looked about Sam's age. They asked if Sam was here while giving me a weird look I smiled and said no she went to class today. they said okay then asked if I was Louis from One Direction I smiled and said why yes I am. I invited them in to talk. There names were Sierra and Ashley, they are from Arizona like Sam and they grew up with Sam so I asked them about Samantha as a directioner and they told me that she still is a directioner and that I was always her favourite. I smiled and they said they have to go and I walked them out and they said they are coming back when Sam gets home. After they left it was still early so I went to watch more TV but then I got another knock at the door, I walked and answered it but before I could say anything I had 4 of my mates running threw the town house. I stopped Niall before he got to the kitchen and I gathered all the boys and sat them in the living room. I asked them why were they here and Liam said that they wanted to see my new place. I told them that I had a fit room mate and then I heard the door being opened. Sam walked in with her camera and the boys all freaked out and yelled they found us I just laughed and told the boys that this was my room mate Sam.

Sams POV
                I walked into the town house and was greeted by screaming and Louis laughing. He introduced me to the boys and Liam said hello and shook my hand Zayn said vas happening and gave me a high five, Niall asked if we have any food and I said in the kitchen and he gave me a hug and went to look for food, then harry being the flirt took my hand and kissed it and said hello beautiful. I blushed and noticed that Louis looked like he wanted to punch Harry in the face. I have a feeling that Louis likes me and I am kind of happy that he does.It was lunch time so I decided to cook lunch for the boys, I kicked Niall out of the kitchen and then Harry came and offered to help I accepted and we made grilled cheeses and tomato soup. I noticed Louis hanging out near me and Harry while we were cooking. 

Louis POV

                I stayed close to Harry and Sam to make sure that Harry doesn't pull anything. I think Sam was noticing that i was hanging around because she kept looking my way. I need to talk to Harry I said and Harry walked to me and we went to my room I explained to him that I like her so back off and I told him to talk to her for me. I heard Sam yell to everyone that lunch was ready so w went down to eat and after we were done we talked a bunch and then there was someone at the door and I answered and it was Sams friends i invited them in to see her and the boys. Sam yelled who was at the door as I walked back to the living room and I told her Sierra and Ashley and she was surprised I knew their names and then I told her that they came over earlier and she just smiled nervously. We talked for hours and Sierra and Niall were getting close and so were Ashley and Zayn. after everyone left I cleaned up and then Sam asked if  I wanted to watch a movie I agreed and she asked if Grease was okay i smiled and said its perfect.we watched most of it then i fell asleep.

Sam's POV
                He fell asleep with his arms wrapped around me and so I just decided to have him sleep here tonight then I turned off the movie and fell asleep in his arms it felt so perfect like it was supposed to be like that. I like him but when will e ask me out its taking forever maybe he doesn't like me like tat maybe he likes me as a friend or worse sister. it was a long night and had no class tomorrow I fell asleep in the arms of a man I like and I cant wait for me to be his.

A/N: I am sorry if it has bad grammar i am terrible at both grammar and spelling so forgive me I hope you like it comment on what you think and give me some hearts please this is my first fanfic and i am open to read some if you want me to hope you like it love ya!!! 

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