A girl in colage is having to find a new room mate after her ex boyfriend moved out but little does she know her new room mate is in a Irish/ British boyband known as One Direction.


11. Lost

Samantha's POV

I woke up in a strange place I didn't know where I was, then I remembered last night and how Lou teased me, he is evil. I turned to face him and he wasn't there I then looked at the clock on the side table of our new California king bed and I noticed that it was 10:45am I then looked at the date and I realized summer was over and I then saw it was a school day I then rushed out of bed then ran around the house looking for things but ten minutes later I was lost I had no idea where I was.

Louis POV

I woke up early when I got a call from Liam he told me that we had a short meeting this morning at 9:00am I then silently went and got dressed in a stripped shirt and denim jeans and a pair of black TOMS. I then left for the short drive to Liam's house. After the meeting which was pointless we just talked about our postponed tour because of Dani and Liam's wedding which is in a couple days and Dani wants Sam in it but she still has to ask her. On my way home I got a call from Sam I answered with a "good morning beautiful" she had a slight chuckle then I heard her shaky breath over the phone so I asked "what's wrong" she answered " I need to go to school but I don't have my car and I am lost in this fucking house" I laughed then answered "we'll first off you take online school now, and second how do you get lost in a house?" She then let out a relieved laugh which was probably about the school then she said "I don't know how! But I did" then asked " are you home?" I then answered " pulling up now, stay on the phone so I can find you" she agreed and I walked into the house and I looked every where and I couldn't find her I told her " tell me exactly where she went when she got out of bed" she laughed then explained " first I went to look in the closet for clothes then I went threw a door in the closet which I thought lead to the bathroom for some stupid reason then I went threw another door and another door and a couple more and now I am in a room that has like 10 doors and I don't know which one to go threw." I laughed as I approached by her side as we hung up our phones. And I said " now we are both lost " she laughed and then said "should we just pick a door and hope for the best or what" I agreed and then we went and numbered the doors 1-10 then we picked a number Sam went with 5 and I went with door 6 we counted down 3, 2, 1 and we opened Sams  door lead us to the kitchen and   My door lead to the cinema room. We started cracking up then Sam shrieked I asked her what's wrong and she said I always wanted a house with secret passages in it I started laughing and said you know how many pranks we can pull on the boys! She started laughing and came up with the idea of labeling all the doors but then agreed to do it after we eat lunch.

Sams POV

I freaking love this house the secret doors that are made to look live either a book shelf, movie shelf or and in a closet behind clothes and stuff. I love it! After we ate a wonderful lunch that I made, I made my special sandwiches that Lou ended up loving we decided to label each door. By the time we finished that we decided to try out the cinema room so we got into pjs which consisted of me in one of Lou's shirts and Lou in a pair of sweatpants when we went down the the cinema room we made popcorn and had candy as we cuddled up to each other and watched my favorite movie Across the Universe. After the movie was over it was late so we decided to go to bed getting ready for a fun day tomorrow. 


A/N: I hope you like it it's kind of a filler that explains the house a bit, sorry its short its 1 am and I am super tired I got off of work an hour ago put I said I would update so I did :) tell me how it is thanks love ya <3 :)

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