A girl in colage is having to find a new room mate after her ex boyfriend moved out but little does she know her new room mate is in a Irish/ British boyband known as One Direction.


9. Hospitalized


Louis POV

I was following the ambulance to the hospital while crying I haven't heard anything about Sam yet I still can't believe I let him get away that bastard deserves to die after what he did to Sam. After what felt like hours I pulled up to the hospital after the ambulance I raced into the hospital up to reception and asked for A Samantha she asked for her last name and I can't believe that didn't come up in conversation. I told the girl that I didn't know but Sam just arrived and she said that her last name was Widemark and she is currently in surgery. I sighed and she told me to wait in the waiting room.

Sams POV

As soon as I got that kick to my stomach everything went black I soon was hearing voices and the sound of wheels being rolled soon after that sound stopped I was hearing sirens but that sound was fading out very quickly then I saw a bright white light with my grandparents stinging there I smiled at the thought of them being with me but then I noticed them telling me to keep living my life and they even told me to fight for the boy that loves me I asked who it was and they said the boy you have, the boy you deserve, the boy you love and never want to lose. With that message I was brought back to just the pitch black.

Louis POV 

I have been waiting for about 2 hours until a doctor came out and asked is anyone was here for Samantha I stood up and asked him if she was okay. He smiled and said that she's stable but in a coma he said that the kick made some internal bleeding start. He also told me that she was so close to dying and something brought her back. I was relieved when he told me she was stable, I then asked what room is she in he gave me a small smile then told me room 305. I ran to the lift then pressed level 3 it felt like forever before the doors opened then I raced passed the rooms as I was counting 301, 302, 303, 304 I took a deep breath before going into  her room as soon as my eyes focused onto her almost lifeless body that's when the waterworks started. I sat at the side of her bed all night crying and praying for her to awaken soon. 

A/N: tell me if you like it or if I should just stop writing it and start a new one?? Thanks love ya.

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