A girl in colage is having to find a new room mate after her ex boyfriend moved out but little does she know her new room mate is in a Irish/ British boyband known as One Direction.


13. Family gathering

Sams POV

            I woke up happy as ever next to Louis I then heard my phone ring I unwrapped my self from Lou and went to answer it, I looked at the caller ID and it was my father calling me I quickly answered and he was worried he woke me i then explained that i was already awake. then he asked if we would like to go to dinner with the whole family tonight he also invited Louis so he can meet my 2 sisters, brother, and 1 niece. I responded by saying if Louis is up for it but wouldn't it be cheaper to have a get together at a house but my dad said that they are still in California so they couldn't do it at their house. Louis heard me talking and he snuck up behind me and kissed my neck while whispering morning babe in my ear which sent shivers from his hot breath on my neck. I then told my dad that I needed to ask Lou so I said I would call back in like 10 minuets. I  hung up then turned to Louis and told him about the dinner and he said to invite them here and we can make dinner for the whole family.


Louis POV

          As Sam was talking about her family coming over i got worried I met her parents before but it wasn't proper it was n the hospital. I was nervous then Sam explained that her whole family will be coming that just made me worry even more Sam noticed my worried expression I was wearing on my face then crawled over to my side of the bed and gave me a tight hug and whispered they will love you in my ear her warm breath on my neck made me blush. she pulled away then kissed me passionately on the lips till her phone started ringing which her ringtone was the thing i did for the Nokia phone company I laughed when I say the blush that formed on her already rosy cheeks  she answered the phone with a "Ello" which then I started laughing she talked to one of her family members then said bye and gave me a death glare because I laughed at her greeting she pouted and started walking down the the kitchen. I then went threw the secret passage way to meet her down there, when I got down there she was at the stove cooking eggs i went up to her and whispered sorry she smiled and turned around to kiss me then she pulled away and told me that my accent is rubbing off onto her. I smiled then heard her phone ring again but this time her ring tone was the serious song, I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck then she asked if it was okay if we invited the boys and Ashley Sierra and Jazmin I was okay with it then we texted all of them got ready and left to the grocery store to bye food for tonight

Samanthas POV

             As we were walking into the store in big sweatshirts and dark sunglasses we decided on having a taco bar for tonight we then got everything we needed including chicken, shredded beef, and ground beef we were cooking for a lot of people so I expected to not have any left overs. as soon as we had a trolley full of food we checked out then went home to start cooking the food. when we got hoe Harry was there apparently Lou asked Harry to come help us cook for tonight we then started cooking.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 Hours Of Cooking Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Louis POV 

As soon as the food only had 15 more minutes left her family started showing up I met her family. Her sisters said and I quote "So he is real." I felt like Sams sisters don't believe Sam when she tells them things. After an amazing dinner and wonderful conversations it was time for her family and our friends to go as soon as they left we started to clean then we went up to lay down and had a long conversation about tonight and the future. I looked at Sam and noticed that she was sleeping peaceful in my arms at that moment I knew I loved her and that she defiantly will be in my future. and with that thought I fell into a deep uninterrupted slumber. 

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