A girl in colage is having to find a new room mate after her ex boyfriend moved out but little does she know her new room mate is in a Irish/ British boyband known as One Direction.


6. Disney :D

         Samantha's POV 

                 I was so cxcided for Disney I barley slept I decided to get up at 7 am to start getting ready.  I got up and Louis didn't want me to get up he held me tight  I told him I needed to get ready and he needed to also. We both got up and then we went and got dresses we met back downstairs at 8:00 and then we decided on going to  get breakfast first. We went to the Denny's across the street from Disneyland.we got a private table in the back.

Louis POV 
at Denny's sam planned the trip, Sam being the organized person she is got maps to the parks to plan our trip, she mapped everything out using her iPhone and the maps.  We got our food ate it and paid then we were off to the park.we get to the front after me having to sign a couple  autographs for my fans the best part is that Sam didn't mind it we went threw the gates and strait to the Matterhorn. We went on several other rides and I signed some more autographs and all day we wondered around Disney like we were little kids again, then we went into the shops and got ears hers were pirate mini mouse ears and mine were normal Mickey Mouse ears. Then we bought hot chocolate and sat down for a little bit, we talked and then they announced the parade starting so we went and sat on the curb, she was watching the parade with a huge smile on her face soon the parade was over and I didn't notice because I was staring at her the whole time and she looked at me and she blushed and looked down I turned her face towards me and smiled and said I love making you blush which made her turn a deeper shade of pink then I pulled her close and we kissed it was amazing I felt chills and sparks and even goosebumps we pulled away and we looked into each others eyes and that's when I said I love you, she smiled and replies I love you too.

Samantha's POV 

           He said I love you and I was so happy he felt that way, I replied with a simple but effective I love you to. This was a perfect day and its not even over yet.  After we kissed again we got up to go walk some more and we decided to go on my favorite ride pirates of the carribean we road it and kissed threw most of it then when we came out of the ride it was dark and the fireworks were starting we were making our way over to the castle and we were stopped by a couple of little girls who wanted an autograph I smiled and one of them asked for a picture and I said okay stand by Louis and ill take it and she said no I want one with you and Louis I smiled and we scrunched together and we all said one direction as the picture was taken then she hugged me then Louis  then I asked for her name and she said Lexi I smiled and waved bye as she ran over to her parents then Louis looked at me and he smiled and said wow my directioners love you and I smiled and looked down hoping to hide my blush. But he said remember what I said about hiding tour blush I just turned more pink, we proceeded to the castle when the fire works started we stood there and watched the show, after we agreed to go see the world of color we walked over to the other park and louis surprised me by planing before hand and ordering a picnic we sat down and we started eating after the amazing show we went back home and we were so tired we went and watched a movie and went to bed, I can't believe the amazingly wonderful day I had today. With the thought of my day at Disneyland with Louis and with that thought I fell asleep in Louis arms.

A/N: sorry I haven't updated in a while I have been extremely busy between school, family, and reading a lot so I will try to update again before next weekend. Love you all 

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