A girl in colage is having to find a new room mate after her ex boyfriend moved out but little does she know her new room mate is in a Irish/ British boyband known as One Direction.


15. Day with Siblings part 2

       A/N: Its SUMMER!!!! sorry I haven't been updating but now I have a little more free time so I can Update more!!!!


Sam's POV

                                             I tried so hard to get them to leave but they wont ugh they are always like this to me!!!! I asked Louis "do you think I can sneak out and go do some c Christmas shopping?" he agreed then I left to go shopping.


Louis POV

                                            After Sam left we had so much fun! first we all plays hide and go seek which I won at by they way, then we had a cook off which Alexis won then we calmed down and watched some movies. by the time Sam got home the house was a mess and everyone went to sleep. I gently woke them up to take them to their rooms then it was time for Sam and I to go to bed. As we were getting dressed for bed Sam asked a few questions. Sam asked " How are you liking my family so far?" I then responded with "They are amazing I wish they lived in California or if we lived in Arizona so that you can be closer to them and all your friends." she then brought up an idea she said "Why don't we buy a house down in Arizona so that we can visit them, you already have a house in Doncaster that you bought for the same reason." I then thought for a second and asked "Isn't super hot in Arizona?" she responded by saying "Only in the summer but its extreamly nice in the winter." I then agreed by saying "Alright lets do it we will go there during the winter then come here other times and we can go to Doncaster in the spring" she responded with a "okay I'll start looking in the morning." I smiled and said "your amazing I love you!" she sat there in silence then I got scared for a second then I heard her say " I love you too" in almost a whisper just then we crashed our lips together and had a full out snogging session. I defiantly love her and there's no doubt in that!


Sams POV

                        I love him and he loves me I am so super happy best night ever! I hope he wasn't lying to me.


A/N: I am sorry its short but I hope you liked it Ill try to update very soon keep reading and commenting on this book!

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