A girl in colage is having to find a new room mate after her ex boyfriend moved out but little does she know her new room mate is in a Irish/ British boyband known as One Direction.


14. Day with Siblings (Part 1)

Sams POV

I woke up today wrapped up in Louis arms it felt right like I am supposed to be with him forever. I never expected my life to change when I got a new room mate 5 months ago. It is the beginning of  the Christmas season so I needed to start the shopping for Christmas and Louis birthday  My thoughts were rudely interrupted by my phone ringing  i reached over to the bedside table and picked it up and it was my sister I answered it and she asked me if she could hang out with me and Lou today I agreed knowing that Louis had nothing important to do today then she told me that Zach, Alexis, her, and my niece Taylor was coming also and that they will be here in like 10 minutes at that point I rushed out of bed to get dressed but Louis was holding me tight so it was hard to get up I then told him that he only has 10 minutes then he woke up and ready also.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ten Minuets later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Louis POV

As Sam was putting on the final touches to her make up the doorbell rang I went through the Secret passage way and ended up outside behind her family, her niece Taylor I think was her name was spinning like a ballerina and stopped when she noticed me walk up her mouth dropped and her eyes got wide I smiled as she said " Are you Louis??" I smiled and nodded she ran up to me and gave me a  hug as she wrapped her arms around me she told me that her aunt Sami has a big crush on me I smiled while saying and I have a big crush on her. by then the rest of her family turned around and they all gave me a hug. We were still standing outside so i asked if they wanted to scare Sam they laughed and I lead them to the fake vines and entered the password to get in We walked threw to the kitchen where I knew Sam would be there so I told them to enter all the different doors that are in the kitchen Taylor entered into the dining room then to the entrance to the kitchen then I came down stairs from the bedroom and Her brothers and sisters all went threw the secret passage way that was disguised as a cabinet. We all snuck up behind her and yelled SAM!!!!!! she jumped into my arms and we all started laughing then Sam hit all of us. Sam yelled "That wasn't very nice" we all just laughed and then we ate the mac and cheese that Sam was making. 


A/N: Sorry My updates are unpredictable but theres lots going on I'll try to keep updating but i cant promise also I've been on twitter keeping up with Louis vs. Tom tweets :) follow me @samiwidemark Ill try to follow back :)



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