A girl in colage is having to find a new room mate after her ex boyfriend moved out but little does she know her new room mate is in a Irish/ British boyband known as One Direction.


10. Awake

Louis POV 

I felt my gut wrench after seeing her beat up face. I should have fucking killed him.. I thought. How could I do this to her? A tear rolled down my cheek. I felt a lump in my throat and cringed. If I touched her face, would it hurt her? I brushed her cheek with my finger and she didn't budge. I pulled up a chair next to her bed and held her hand tightly. All of a sudden I jumped because her parents walked into the room. "Louis! We're so glad you're here, boy." said her father. "I feel like a bad boyfriend Mr. and Mrs. Widemark." I said, feeling guilty. Her mother walked up to me and hugged me tightly, I also gave in. "Louis, there's no other guy in the world is leave Sam with, than with you." She said softly. I smirked and kissed her cheek. Her family is so sweet. "Thank you Mrs. Widemark" I said back. "Call me mom" she chuckled. I chuckled also. 

Sami's POV 

Darkness was all I saw. Images flooded through my mind like a dream. I couldn't move. If I tried, I would fail. Suddenly, I tried to take a step forward, and I fell into a dark abyss. I woke up with a bright light in my face. Trying to catch my vision, I saw a nurse and a doctor and Louis with worried faces looking over me. I smiled when I saw him. He smiled back and he couldn't touch me. A nurse pushed him back and he looked furious. "Ms. Widemark! Can you understand me?" The doctor yelled. I nodded. "You had an epileptic seizure as of now. But you are fine and your able to move now." The doctor smiled. I lifted my arms and Louis stood up from the chair and held onto me. We hugged for awhile. Louis kissed my forehead and the nurse helped me stand. Louis went on the other side of me and walked me to the restroom to get changed. I felt fine, like I was new. "You know you've been asleep for quite a while, babe" Louis charmed as we were walking out of the hospital doors. I laughed. His sassy ness made me die inside of laughter. "How long!?" I asked. Louis opened the door for me and I got in. "2 months, I managed to find us a new location and its quite far from the city." He said getting in the car. "Good.." I mumbled. We drove for what seemed like hours. I felt so hyper and awake. My leg was shaking uncontrollably and I was lost into the music of the car radio. "Are you tired?" I asked Louis. "Tired as hell! I have spent the night in that hospital for a few days. That tiny chair was killing my back!" He chuckled. Fuck.. I'm not tired at all, seeming how I had "slept" for 2 months! I thought. I laughed. We arrived at this beautiful house. It was all lighted up throughout the whole house. This is home. I thought. Louis held out his hand and guided me through the house. I was struck in awe. The light reflected off the tile and gleamed beautifully. It was like walking through a castle. Louis went to the end of the hall and opened the tall double doors. "And this the bedroom" Louis pointed. It huge and magical. I felt like a princess, but now, a queen. And he was my king. "Be right back, love." Louis said sprinting to the gorgeous and spacious bathroom. I sat on the bed and felt the bed comforter. I lay back and wondered what Louis was doing.

Louis POV

I ran to the bathroom and took off my clothes. All I had on were my briefs. Is tonight going to be the night? I thought as I was unzipping my trousers. I walked out of the bathroom slowly. Sam was lying on the bed in one of my buttoned up shirts and black underwear. Her hair looked messily beautiful. It turned me on. I went to the bed, teased her a bit and fell asleep. 


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