A girl in colage is having to find a new room mate after her ex boyfriend moved out but little does she know her new room mate is in a Irish/ British boyband known as One Direction.


5. Another day

Sam's POV
         Last night was amazing I didn't want it to end then I fell asleep, he gave me a necklace the necklace I've always wanted it is beautiful it is things that are supposed to remind you of Louis like a carrot the superman logo and it also has his name on it I love it, he also picked out some things for me that I like he has really good taste in clothing and I believe he bought it because I found all of the money I gave him in the purse he got me and I sighed and then I opened my eyes to wake up, Louis was awake and looking at me waiting for me to awaken when I opened my eyes he asked why I sighed and I lied and said that I missed my family well I wasn't lying I do miss them but that's not the reason I sighed. He said oh and he asked if we could go to Denny's for breakfast I agreed and we both got ready to go. We left and walked to the Denny's that was a block away, when we walked out the front door there was paps  surrounding us they were asking if we were a couple and Louis did something I didn't expect he spun me around and gave me a passionate kiss and then we separated and he yelled does that answer your question I smiled and we ran away down the block to Denny's when we got there we were out of breath and we went inside and Louis asked for a private table so we didn't get seen. We got seated and we ordered coffees and started talking he asked me about my family and I told him most of my back story and then we got off topic and started talking about random things like carrots and things like that and I wanted pancakes so I ordered carrot cake pancakes and he ordered a omelet and when the food came is when I started to notice that the paps found us. I smiled and threw my smile I told Lou that they are here, he smiled and said finnish quick and we will make a run for it I smiled and agreed he put twenty five dollars on the table which was way to much but he paid, and we took one last bite and I grabbed my purse and we ran out, the paps were behind us and then there were the directions that were trying to catch Louis. Louis was holding my hand and he pulled me into a Disney store. I laughed and he asked why I was laughing and I told him out of all the other stores on the block you choose a Disney store and then he told me that we needed to find an outfit for our next date, then I asked where our next date was and he told me Disneyland I smiled because Disneyland is one of my all time favorite places to go.

Louis POV
         Sam mentioned how much she loved Disney but she never had enough money to go and she only goes once a year with her family so I decided to take her, when I told her she looked really excited, I asked her questions about Disney and she told me her favorite ride is pirates of the carribean and her favorite princess I'd repunzel. We picked out Disney shirts mine said that's my princess and hers said that's my prince and I picked them out and she loved them I am really happy that she's mine. After we lost the paps we returned to the flat and Sam looked at the time and gasped then she told me she had to go to class and she grabbed her camera and left. When she opened the door the boys where there about to knock she pushed herself out and waved bye to them. The boys came in and we where talking and they told me that tour is going to start in a month and management needed to talk to the new couple and they want you to do an interview with her. Samantha's friends stopped by and said hi and Niall asked Sierra out and Zayn asked Ashley out and they brought a friend named jazmin and Harry seemed to like her so I see them together in the near future. Then Sam walked in and sighed it must've been about an hour and a half since the boys got here she said she was hungry and went into the kitchen to find Niall surrounded by trash with Sierra next to him and she went to go find something to eat and there was no food. I laughed and said ill take you to get some food and then we can go grocery shopping. I asked Liam to watch the rest of the boys and he agreed and Niall gave us a list of food he wanted. We waved as we walked out the door and we first got into her car and we went to a little pizza place and we ate some really good pizza and then we went to a Walmart to get food. We ended upon the toy section some how and we bought her niece a princess toy and we got our food and we looked at the time and it was late it was almost 10:00 we walked in and noticed everyone passed out. We went up to bed and I fell asleep thinking about tomorrow... Disneyland.
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