cant move on

rianne and reilly and elizabeth move to london but what happens when they fall in love with the biggest boyband? and what happens when elizabeth runs into her highschool love? read to find out


15. That bitch



 So today I was going over to my friend Jackie's house. I loved her but she was friends with Christina and she lived with her so that would always put me in a bad mood. When I got there we went to her room . When I was about to go down the stair I heard moaning and other crap from Christina's room. I went to look through the crack she left open and when I saw something that was supposed to be impossible to see.Jamie was having sex with Christina the slut. How could he cheat on lizzy like that i mean I loved him as a brother. Once they finish Jamie was coming out of the room and I slapped him. "HOW COULD YOU CHEAT ON LIZZY LIKE THAT YOUR HER BOYFRIEND AND HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR TWO YEARS NOW YOU JERK" I yelled then slapped him again . "omg I didnt know you were here you can't tell lizzy about this she will break up with me" he said freaking out."well I'm heading home now and you can't stop me from telling her" I said and ran out of the house. Once I got there lizzy was in her room getting ready for a date she had with Jamie." hey lizzy can I talk to you" I yelled up the stairs "SURE COME UP" she yelled back. " lizzy I don't know how to tell you this but while I was at Jackie's house I kinda saw Jamie having sex with Christina." I said but was scared of her sometimes so I backed away. "what" she said shocked and unable to move. Then the next thing you know she's on the ground crying really loudly. I bent down to hold her and we stayed like that for five mins and then the door bell rang." hey wheres rianne" I said to her. "she went out to go get some food for us" she said "oh that must be her I will get it" I said and went down stair to get the door then Jamie was right in the house in seconds. "can I talk to lizzy pls" he said I knew she would hurt him or something so I shouted up the stairs "LIZZY SOMEONE IS HERE TO SEE YOU" she was down in seconds. 


I ran down stair and found Jamie on his phone on the couch. "what are you doing here" I said "I wanted to say so- I cut him off with a "you can save it and leave and I will never feel sorry for you or forgive you you can walk out the door." I said and punched him in a place a  boy would not like to be punched and went up stairs and Reilly went all wwe on his ass and showed him to the door. Good for him he needs someone to show him an ass wiping shoe. Well no need to get ready anymore I can be single with my imaginary friend janice . It used to be rianne though but she has Harry.


Good I showed that little slut that all the boy will go after me and not her. Oh now to start my little game with her like the one we played in high school can't wait for the games to begin. 


Reilly and Elizabeth told me what happened with christina and Jamie. I was crying but I needed to be a man and  grow some balls and not sit here and cry over a slut. I mean I'm zayn Malik I can have who ever I want. 

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