cant move on

rianne and reilly and elizabeth move to london but what happens when they fall in love with the biggest boyband? and what happens when elizabeth runs into her highschool love? read to find out


11. really zayn really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We all have been at the hospital for 3 months because she slipped into a coma. ''Zayn its your turn'' reilly said nocking me out of my thought. ''Lizzy i dont know if you know this but i still love you no matter what. and im sorry for what i did in highschool.'' her pale face was so beautful BEEP..BEEP...BEEP BEEP BEEP ''NOOOOOOOOOOOO LIZZY DONT GO'' the nurse came in and hit the monitor.''stupid monitors never are working sorry to scar- ithen i smashed my lips on the nurses then we had no clothes on.


after what zayn said i woke up from the blackness and i was about to tell him i felt the same way when i saw it the thing that ripped my heart out and felt like needles going through it.''ZAYN I TRUSTED YOU WITH MY HEART THEN YOU GO AND HAVE SEX WITH MY NURSE IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!''i shouted before he could reply i ran out the room i ran and ran until i found my self at my house.


''ZAYN I TRUSTED YOU WITH MY HEART THE YOU HAVE SEX WITH MY NURSE IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!!!!'' i heard as i put my full length in the nurse then i quickly stopped and put clothes on and tried to run out but she wasnt there.

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