cant move on

rianne and reilly and elizabeth move to london but what happens when they fall in love with the biggest boyband? and what happens when elizabeth runs into her highschool love? read to find out


6. One direction who

 Rianne's pov

~the next day~

i woke up and decided to see if the girls were awake. I checked Elizabeth first. I walked in. "Lizzy" i said. "5 more hours" she mumbled. Usually 5 more minutes ,but no we are dealing with Elizabeth. It was 5 more hours. I walked into Reilly's room. She watching tv and on the phone. She smiled at me which meant i was welcome to come in. I walked in. " ok i got to go,bye" she said into the phone before hanging up. "Who was that" i asked. "Louis" she answered smiling. I laughed. "So what do you wanna do today" i asked. " well this morning we should buy food, then this afternoon we shall do a make over!" She said excitedly. " sounds like a lot of work" i said laying on her bed. " lol get your lazy butt up and get ready" she giggled. "What about Elizabeth" i asked. " she doesn't wake up until noon, we will never get her out of bed" she said. I nodded knowing it was true and ran into my room to throw on jeans and a t-shirt that had a unicorn on it (because you know I'm random like that) i put suspenders on too. Ran down stairs to see if Reilly was ready. Nope. I ran to her room to see her applying make up. "Seriously " i said. Nothings bad about looking pretty. We're just going to supermarket and back. She finished. She was wearing shorts with a t-shirt that had an a picture of me,Elizabeth, and her printed on it. We all had one. Lets go. We ran to the car and drove to the supermarket using thE GPS. We went into the store and started to grab random things. Then while we were walking Reilly stopped and stared at something. I looked at what she was staring at and it was Louis, he walked over and started to talk to Reilly. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the rest of the things we needed, then checked out. Reilly burst out of the supermarket a little mad as i packed th rest of the things in the car. "I looked everywhere for you" she said calming herself down. "And i had yo do the rest of the work to live in your dream" i said getting in the drivers seat. "I love you" she said. I drove back to the house to see Elizabeth mad. " you, you left me here alone." She said pointing at us. "You weren't gonna get up anyway." I said. "True" she answered. " so i got my outfit ready for whatever were gonna do. " Lizzy said. She was wearing black jeans with a purple jacket. "We're gonna get makeovers today" Reilly said as i packed the rest of the things away. "How about we all choose one thing were gonna do." I suggested. "Ok" they said. "Lets do our nails" Reilly said. "Clothes" i said "lets dye our hair" Elizabeth said. "My first time dying my hair" i said excited. Yea lets go. First we did our nails. My nails looked tip dyed. Pink in the beginning then turns blue. Elizabeths was white and black leopard prints. Reilly's was hello kitty designs. Then we did our hair i dyed the n

ends of my hair pink , elizabeth her ends red, and reilly dyed her ends blue then we went shopping we bought dresses shorts and lots of cute clothes. When we were in their we saw posters and stands with zayn,louis,harry,niall,and the other one liam ( character just learning his name) and together called one direction. what was this?????

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