cant move on

rianne and reilly and elizabeth move to london but what happens when they fall in love with the biggest boyband? and what happens when elizabeth runs into her highschool love? read to find out


18. Harry and Rianne



To day is going to be the perfect most romantic day of my life. Rianne

went out to go run some Arians. I went to the park and set up everything. And I can't wait for her to get here because I want to kiss my girl on our 3 year anniversary. I already set up everything and left a cute tight short dress for her on the bed.



When I got home I saw a short tight dress on the bed and it had a note saying " hey rianne put this dress on and meet me at the park love you ;) love Harry xx." awe I got ready and curled my hair and the curls went to the miDdle of my back and did my make Up but I did shower first. Then I put the dark purple dress on and then left to the park. ~ skip car ride~ I got to the park and saw a table with candles and food and wine and 2 teddy bears aweeee. I saw one teddy bear and it said I love you rianne and the other one said I love you like a love song baby. Oh that Harry. "hey cutie I missed you" "I missed you to" I kissed him and we started the date. Then we walked to the beach and sat and stared at the water as he held me. We went on a boat and he pointed out the stars and when I look back at him he was on one knee and had a little blue box that hada ring in it and my mouth dropped. "Rianne lurch I love you and this you know and I would love to spend the rest of my life with you will you rianne lurch marry me and  be my wife" omg I stood there speechless " I WILL. LOVE TO MARRY YOU ILOVE YOU HARRY STYLES." I shouted crying then he kissed me and we went home and snuggled together. I love him so much 

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