cant move on

rianne and reilly and elizabeth move to london but what happens when they fall in love with the biggest boyband? and what happens when elizabeth runs into her highschool love? read to find out


21. chapter 21 (i couldnt think of a name for the chapter sorry


Once i saw louis at the door i was happy to see him but scared of what he night say. i have to say i missed him alot. ''can i please talk to you reilly?'' '' sure.'' i said as i was standing at the door he said '' outside please.'' ''oh yea ok'' i said then walked out the door closing it behind me. '' look reilly i know we had a really bad bump in the road but i really miss you and i wan to have this baby with you. im sorry for going with a total stranger but we didnt do anything i just talked to her and told her whats going on and then she left the house.'' he said but i didnt believe it.'' louis im not taking any crap from you. you can help raise the baby but im not sure if i can trust you again.'' i said about to cry because it hurt to see the pain and hurt in his eyes. '' look just please think about it i can live without you.'' he was about to break so i was crying at this point. '' fine ill thunk about it but im not saying yes.'' he nodded and left. i walk in side the house and told the girls im not going to the beach im to tired.

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