cant move on

rianne and reilly and elizabeth move to london but what happens when they fall in love with the biggest boyband? and what happens when elizabeth runs into her highschool love? read to find out


5. Carnival love

Reilly's pov

 we were in the car following the lights to the carnival because you know we are new here. Elizabeths driving, im in the passenger seat, and rianne in the back. Payphone started playing on the radio. Rianne wined don't the window when the car stopped and started screaming at a group of guys. "IF HAPPY EVER DID EXIST I'D STILL BE HOLDING YOU LIKE THIS!"Rianne yelled at them. We all started laughing as Rianne rolled up the window. When we got there Elizabeth and I started running leaving Rianne behind. " I THOUGHT WE HAD A FRIENDSHIP" Rianne yelled catching up. We stopped running at the entrance and payed. We walked in. I saw Elizabeth and Rianne staring at a huge a roller coaster. "Oh god" i mumbled. "Lets go on it " Elizabeth said in excitement. "No" I said. "C'mon" rianne begged. "You guys go i'll wait" i said. We ran over to the ride and there was a very short ride so that everyone could go on. I smiled knowing this wont take long. They went on and i waited. "Hi there" a cute british accent said. I turned around and saw a guy with brown hair and blue eyes. He was staring and smiling at me. I looked behind me to see if it was me. He laughed. "you whats your name" he asked. "Reilly" i said seeing 4 boys walking behind him. One was Zayn. I got a little mad. One was Harry. Oh Rianne is going to want to come of the ride soon."I'm Louis" the guy said. "Cool" i said " are you here alone" he asked. "Nope my friends are on that ride" i said pointing at them noticing they were getting off. I giggled as i noticed they needed each other to stand straight.

Elizabeth's pov

Rianne and i are really dizzy. We both fell. Reilly started laughing. I saw 5 boys standing next to her. Two were familiar. One was harry and the other was ZAYN. Why Zayn. Harry started smiling at rianne when she fell. She started blushing. We both just layed on the ground waiting for us to stop being dizzy. We both got up soon. Zayn walked up to me. " can we talk" he asked "ok" i said. We walked over to a place where we couldn't hear them. " I'm sorry about the break up a few years ago" he said. I looked down remembering the pain. "Its okay" i said "lets be friends" he said smiling. " okay" i said back. " it looks like Rianne and Harry  are getting a long well" he laughed looking at them talking. I giggled.

Rianne's pov

The boys and us girls were walking i saw a ride I wanted to go on. i saw the blonde one looking at it too. I walked to him. " maybe we should go on that" i told him. " lets go " he answered quickly grabbing my hand. We ran over to the line. "Im Rianne" i said. "Im Niall" he said. I smiled "looks like you and harry have some sparks" he said. i giggled. Before i could answer we were next. We went on and started screaming. i was laughing so hard. When we got off we saw a picture of screaming. I couldn't help but laugh. We went back to everyone. Harry seemed unhappy. While we were walking i started to whisper to Harry. "What's wrong" i asked. "Nothing" he mumbled. "Please tell me" i asked. " its nothing " he mumbled again. I looked down. "Sorry" Elizabeth whispered. I just nodded. We went on a few more rides then went home

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