cant move on

rianne and reilly and elizabeth move to london but what happens when they fall in love with the biggest boyband? and what happens when elizabeth runs into her highschool love? read to find out


4. Break ups

Elizabeth pov

so we went to our new house and unpacked. When we were done i jumped on my bed and put Zayn's number on the table next to my bed. I started to watch tv then i heard my phones lovely ringtone. Knowing it was Eddie i answered it. 

Me: hello

ed:hi I think we need to talk

Me: ok what

ed: we need need to break up

me: w-what why

ed : I'm sorry i found somebody else and plus you're in the UK I'm in the US

 i couldn't say anything

ed: friends?

I didn't say a thing. I just hung up and through my phone to the wall...... Then getting up to make sure it was ok. I started crying.I heard  the door open with Rianne and Reilly rushing in. "What happened" Reilly asked. "Eddie b-broke up with me" i cried. They both hugged me. " you know what we need to do" Rianne giggled. "GIRLS NIGHT!"we all yelled. We all laughed then they left to get dressed. I got dressed into a white tank top, a short denim jacket, then black shorts. I straightened my hair. I Put a necklace on that had an heart on it. Reilly burst in the room wearing denim shorts with a shirt saying "break my heart i'll break your face" she wears shirts like that because of wwe. Her curly hair bouncing as she ran to me giggling. "What?" I asked smiling. "Rianne's talking to harry " she winked. I laughed and quietly went downstairs listening to Rianne's conversation. She started laughing then blushed. Reilly and i burst out laughing. She looked at us with a mad face. "I got to go" she said into the phone then hung up. She got up showing her pink and white varsity jacket with  black skinny jeans. She attacked us then we all started laughing. We all put on high tops and decided to go to the carnival

zayns pov

i just called Perrie. We both decided it was best that we did break up and we're friends now. I wonder if Elizabeth will even take me back. Me and the boys are about to go to the carnival so we all got ready . We left.


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