Was it a mistake?

Alex and Harry have been together for a while now....but she cant take it anymore. will Harry fight to get her back, or will he let her go along with all his love?


2. Twitter

Alexis POV:

When we landed, I got my luggage and went to buy a phone. The airport wasn’t big so I didn’t have to look very far to find a stand that sold some iPhones. I quickly bought one and let them activate it. I instantly got on twitter and saw that my inbox was completely full. They all basically had the same tweet, “Where is @alexisstylesforever?” I was instantly outraged when I saw that #findAlexis was trending worldwide. All the boys tweeted about my disappearance and the fans were going nuts.  I had TOLD him to not look for me, and now all he was going to get was heartache because I had no intention of going back. Ever.

Harry POV:

Nothing was working! Me and the lads have tried everything we could think of but nothing is working. Even twitter girls couldn't find her. My hope was slowly draining and i felt like my heart was dying. I couldnt believe i just let the best thing in my life walk out the door. I'm such an idiot! I couldnt stomach not knowing where she was. What is i really never saw her again. No, that couldnt, wouldnt happen. i cant give up on her. i just cant. All i had to do is try harder.


Alexis POV:

"HEY, babe im home!!" i yelled out. It was supposed to me Lukes day off today so we could hang out. Luke is my soon to be fiance but we havent gotten a chance to see each other since hes always traveling. "im up here!" he yelled back. i smiled and made my way upstairs."where are we going tonight?" i asked as i walked in the room. he was putting on a shirt and i really liked my view. "well we have been working out havent we?" i said cheekily. "all for you babe." he said  and kissed my nose. Thats the thing about Luke, we hardly ever faught and he always treated me like a princess...when he wasnt drunk. but thats another story. " i got us reservations at a resturaunt in town." he said. "okay, let me get freshed up and i'll meet you downstairs." i said. little did i know that tonight would change everything.


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