Was it a mistake?

Alex and Harry have been together for a while now....but she cant take it anymore. will Harry fight to get her back, or will he let her go along with all his love?


1. Leaving

Alexis POV:

I couldn’t take it anymore. All the fighting and the arguing and the time apart and the slamming doors and horrible words, I just couldn’t do it anymore; it was going to break me.  I really did love him but we were dysfunctional, we both deserved better. It hurt so much to make the decision to leave, but it needed to be done. I packed all my stuff the day after he left for the tour. He was due back in two months but I wanted to get a head start on starting my new life far away from Harry. I knew that he would look for me but he would never find me. I made sure of that. My phone rang and I knew it was Harry; he was probably calling to apologize…again. I slowly answered.
    “Hello.” I said.
    “Hey, it’s me.” Harry said
    “What do you want Harry? You made it pretty clear how you felt about me when you left.” I said.
    “Please hear me out. I didn’t mean that. I love you. It’s kind of hard for me to express how I feel, you know that. I can’t help it if I lash out. Please don’t hate me. You mean everything to me. I didn’t mean to call you those awful names. I don’t think that. I think you are beautiful and …just amazing!” he said. I could hear his voice getting desperate and shakey. My throat suddenly formed a huge lump as his word hit me like knives to my heart. This was how it always played out. He would get all teary eyed and I would take him back just as quickly as I had let him go; then five minutes later, we were fighting again. This time it would be different. I didn’t want him rushing back home to come to convince me in person, it would ruin my plans to leave, so I pretended to take him back like I always did.
    “Okay Harry, I don’t hate you; I’ve never have. I know you didn’t mean it, you never mean it. I love you.” I said. It took me everything not to let a sob out as I said those last words. I heard him let out a sigh of relief.
    “Okay then, I have to go but when I get back, I’ll make it up to you. I promise.” He said and then hung up. I sat there for minutes or hours just staring at my phone. ‘I’m really leaving’ was all that I could think about.
The next morning, I got my single suitcase and headed to the airport. I decided I was going back to my home town and then I would find somewhere to settle down soon. I couldn’t help the tears that ran down my cheeks as I wrote Harry my last letter to him, the only thing that he would have of mine.
Dear Harry,
When you get back, you will find that me and all my things are gone. I just want you to know that it isn’t your fault. I really did do love you. You mean so much to me but it’s time that we went our separate ways. We aren’t good for each other, it’s time for you to forget about me and find your real soul mate. I don’t know how you will react when you see this but there is just one thing I ask: don’t come looking for me. I will disappear; I promise you won’t see me again. You won’t have to worry about that. I don’t want you wasting any more time with me. I was so lucky to have you in my life for three years but it is the end of the line. It’s the end for us. I'm really sorry I didn’t say this to you in person but I don’t think I could handle the goodbye. I was never really good at goodbyes. I hope you live a long and very happy life with the beautiful wife that I know you will find. You are an amazing guy and anyone would be lucky to have you.
Love always,

 I knew that Harry would call me later on today and the next and the next. I set the letter down and put my phone on top of it. I would just get a new one. I couldn’t stand the fact of him calling me repeatedly after he found out something was wrong. I walked out hopped into the taxi. The moment the driver pulled away, I felt an unbearable amount of dread fill me. I couldn’t hold it back anymore, I let all the tears and sobs come out at that moment. I had made myself tough around Harry but now I couldn’t hold anything back. I cried all the way to the airport. The one thing that I really wanted though, was Harry by my side.

Harry POV:
I didn’t know that it would be that easy for her to take me back. This time I had gone way too far. I had gone beyond just bad names. I told her that I didn’t need or love her and that she should leave. Once I left with the boys, I realized how wrong I had been and how devastated I would have been if she really would have left. The moment I hung up, I decided that when I got a break, I would call her again.
I didn’t have a free moment in my schedule until the following week. We had a three day break and I knew that it was the perfect time to take a little trip home and visit Alex. I hadn’t spoken to her since we got back together but I told myself that my surprise visit would make up for not calling.

Alexis POV:
The one thing that I hadn’t thought about was the fans. I hadn’t expected for girls to ask me for pictures or my destination or Harry. I kindly brushed them off and told them I was going on vacation or to go visit family. It was easier than the truth and I didn’t want Harry noticing that I was leaving or where I was going. The moment I passed security and went to board the plane, I plugged in my ear phones and tried to relax for the twenty hour flight to go back home.

Harry POV:
“Hey Hazza, where is Alexis going?” asked Louis when I went to the studio the next morning.
“What do you mean.” I asked. I was still a little groggy but Alexis hadn’t mentioned anything about taking a trip.
“It’s a couple of fans saw her at the airport and she told them that she was going on vacation.” He replied.
“Oh well, I don’t know anything about that.” I said. I was a bit disappointed that Alexis didn’t tell me but it wasn’t a big deal for me. I still had my plans to go visit her and I was pretty sure that she would probably be home when I arrived. I had texted her last night a goodnight text but she hadn’t replied. I guessed it was because she was already asleep; not because she was on a plane. There was still five more days to go until I got to go home though.

                                                                                                  5 days later
I made sure that I had enough clothes for a couple of days and then drove to the airport. It was only a couple of hour’s flight home but I couldn’t wait. It had felt like forever since I had held Alexis in my arms and that was too long. I needed her and I couldn’t wait to see her.
All the boys were going home too except for Niall because his family was too far away. As soon as we landed, I got my things and hopped into a cab. I tried calling Alex dozens of times but she never answered. I was getting really nervous, but then I saw her car in the driveway and I felt confident again. I rushed up the stairs and called her again. I could hear her phone in the apartment and then I got really excited. I knocked but no one answered so I just opened the door with my keys. I walked in to find that the love of my life had walked out on me.
The flat was dead silent and everything that had any trace of Alexis was gone. All of our pictures were face down and most of her knickknacks were gone. I ran through the house to find her clothes and all of her shit gone. I instantly called her. I heard her phone in the kitchen, so I ran to so see her. That’s when I saw the letter and her phone. My hands were shaking as I reached for it.
I read it slowly, I read it repeatedly but no matter how many times I read it, I couldn’t understand one word of it. I knew that Alexis was here alone; she didn’t have any family or many friends here. The first person I called was Louis. Eleanor was a good friend of Alexis so if she didn’t know where she was, no one would.
“Hello?” answered Louis
“Where is she? I know I fucked up but I can’t lose her. Where is she?” I practically yelled into the phone.
“Whoa, calm down Haz, what are you talking about?” asked Louis
At that moment, I broke down. I couldn’t take it anymore. The one person that I loved and thought would be here forever left me. She left and never looked back. I don’t know how long I sat there but it must have been a couple of hours because the next thing I knew, all the boys were in front of me with sympathetic looks. I felt numb all over but I felt even worse when I saw all the pity in their faces.
“How are you, mate?” asked Liam.
I just shook my head and looked towards the floor as some more tears came down my cheeks.
“What happened?” asked Zayn.
“I don’t know. I come home to find that she is gone and she left her phone and this letter.” I said as I handed them the letter. Niall read it out loud and most of them had tears in their eyes when he finished it.
“Wow, mate, I never thought that she would leave. I knew you guys had some trouble but I dint know that it was this bad.” Said Louis.
“Does anyone know where she went?” I asked. I just had to get her back.
“No. No one knows. She didn’t say goodbye or even hint that she was going anywhere. She told you that she didn’t want you looking for her though.” Eleanor said. The last ray of hope I had left just died at that moment.
“I have to get her back, I need her.” was all that I could get out.

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