Unpredicted Happiness

when alex runs into a british beauty (Harry), she falls for him in record speed. the question is, how long will they be together before a crisis occurs. how long will it be before Harry's secret tears them apart?


8. Truth

As soon as we got home my sister handed me my phone. To my surprise she had already dialed Harry and it was ringing. “Hello?” I said into the receiver. “Hey!” said Harry. Just hearing his voice made me smile. “Hey, I want to talk to you. I can’t lie to you. Can you come over?” he asked. “I don’t know where you live. Can you come get me?” I asked. “Yeah, I will be there soon.” He said.

        Harry pulled into out driveway about half an hour later. I came out of the house and met him at my car. “Hi.” I said. “I'm sorry I ran out this morning. All I want is to be with you. Don’t hate me please.” He said with real sadness in his voice. I went up to him and wrapped my hands around his neck. “I could never hate you, no matter what. It’s ok that you ran off. I guess its ok that you don’t want to tell me what you’re in college for. I'm just glad you aren’t mad at me.” I said. He then wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug that made me never want to let go.

            I noticed how much Harry valued our hugs. He embraced me like it was the last time. I pulled back just enough to see his face and press my lips to his. He cradled my head and kissed me back. It was the kind of kiss that you always wished you had. It started slow, filled with love and passion. Then it grew wild and fierce like a lion let out from captivity. His fingers were digging into my waist and mine running through his curls. I pulled away first. “I love your hair!” I said catching my breath.

        “I want to tell you the truth. Come with me please.” He said. I nodded and got in the car. I told my sister to stay home with Catherine until daddy got home. She agreed and we left. We rode holding hands the entire way. “What’s wrong?” I asked when I got tired of the tension. “I want to show you something. Just keep in mind that I'm still me and that I like you a lot.” He said. We pulled up to a stop sign and I leaned over and gave him a kiss. It was a light touch of lips but it got the message across. “I like you a lot too.”

I was astonished when we pulled up to his house. It was really big and it was really fancy. I thought that it was probably his parents but then I remembered that he told me that he was here alone. I squeezed his hand and we walked in together. I met his roommate when we walked in. I got from him. “It’s really nice to finally meet you. Harry has not shut up about you so I'm glad you’re here.” I giggled and thanked him. I looked at Harry and noticed he was blushing. I squeezed his hand in reassurance and we went to his room. In a way, his room reflected him. It was posters of famous people I didn’t know but it also had a poster of him by his door. It had him, his roommate, and three other guys I didn’t recognize. The poster said ‘2012 Tour. One direction!’ I was really confused and was about to ask him about it when he asked me to join me by his computer. It was really nice, and to think of it, everything he had was really nice. He must have wealthy parents I guessed and went to him. “There is something you don’t know about me and I want you to know sooner than later. This doesn’t change anything. I just want you to see everything about me.” He said. I nodded and braced myself for the worse.

“Well, remember when I told you I was from the UK. Well, I am very well-known there, but here only a handful knows who we are.” He said a little quickly. “Who is ‘we’?” I asked really confused. “Me and my band.” He says. “Oh, so that is who that is on the poster.” I said. “Yeah, and I want to show you who we are.” He said. He typed for a little and pulled up tons of pictures. These pictures were of him and his band. There were thousands of them. My eyes just bulged as he passed through them. “Wow…I can’t say I expected this. So you’re in a band called One Direction and so are four other guys and you are here for a tour to promote your music… wow, I can’t believe I don’t know you guys.” I said. He looked at me like I was crazy. “You are not mad?” he asked looking shocked. “No. I understand why you did it. You wanted to make sure I liked you for you. I do. I'm glad you told me the truth.” I said. He just looked at me. “Harry? Are you ok?” I asked. He got up and led me to his bed. He laid me down slowly and then he started kissing me. It was confusing but I went with it. I kissed him back. “You are so amazing.” I was really happy, but I sat up abruptly. Harry looked at me disorderedly. He looked bemused. “What’s wrong?” he said hurriedly. “No. I told you I liked you and it’s awesome that you feel the same way but I don’t want to do this.” I said. “Not now. I'm not ready and since you care for me, I want to wait. I want to know more about you first.” I add. He stepped in front of me and gave me a hug. “We can wait. I don’t mind. I just want you to be happy.” He said and with that we joined hands and went out.

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