Unpredicted Happiness

when alex runs into a british beauty (Harry), she falls for him in record speed. the question is, how long will they be together before a crisis occurs. how long will it be before Harry's secret tears them apart?


3. The Date

After I dropped off my sister, I got some gas for the car and went home. I greeted my mom, other sister, and dad and went to go do homework. As I was finishing up my math homework, my phone rang. I instantly assumed it was my sister. I reached over but it was a foreign number. I picked it up.

“Hello.” I said “Hey Alex? It’s Harry” said Harry. I smiled and got really excited but willed my voice to stay normal. “Oh. Hey Harry. How are you?” “I'm fine. You?” he replied. “I'm fine too. Thanks for asking” I said sweetly. “You’re welcome.  What are you doing?” he asked. “Nothing… just doing homework. Not my favorite thing to do but…. So what are you doing?” “Just laying here listening to music. What kind of homework?” he said. ”Math, I'm a college student on a scholarship so I have to keep my grades up. Ha, I bet you didn’t know that. That’s why I had to leave today. I'm a full time student and I have lots of demanding classes so I had a lot of homework. I'm sorry” I said. I felt horrified because I had started to babble so just decided to shut up. He chuckles in the phone and replied “Don’t be sorry. I'm a college student too. I understand. Are you almost done?” he said. I felt better instantly that he had not made fun of me. “Actually I just finished math and have biology left but it’s not due until Friday. So yes, I am done for the night.” I say and sigh as I start putting my books in my bag. “You want to go do something?” he asked. The question surprised me but it made me pleased. “Absolutely, I would love to go out somewhere.”

We decided to meet at the park for a walk and then to go eat when we got hungry. When I pulled in the parking lot, Harry was already there. I fixed my hair a little and went out to meet him. It was a warm spring night with a really nice breeze that brought the smell of nature whenever it blew. When I got out of the car, I was greeted by the smell of fresh grass, wildflowers, and of water from the spring that was not very far away. I had a light jacket in case it got cold but the sleeves were pulled up. I saw Harry by the front of the park. He was leaning against a tree on his phone. He didn’t see or hear me walk up until I was close enough to touch him. When he saw me, he gave me that amazing smile and reached out his hand. “I want to show you something.” He said. I smiled and took his hand.

We kept going until we reached the bridge that marked the middle of the park. We ran the whole way so I still had his hand in mine. He hadn’t tried to pull his hand away so I assumed he was ok with it too. When we walked to the top, I let go of his hand and watched at him. He looked like he was in a daze. I stood beside him and followed his gaze. It wasn’t that hard to find what he was looking at. It was breath taking. If you paid attention, you could see the city lights reflected on the spring. It made it look like it was Christmas time. The spring imitated the city and you could see straight through it. You could see the frogs, fishes, and colorful dragonflies that roamed the water. It was a sight that made you feel peaceful and relaxed. I felt like I could just watch the stream all night.

“It’s beautiful.” I said. “I can’t believe that I’ve lived here forever and I have never seen this.” I said in amazement.  Harry laughed. “Yeah, I like to come here to relax and one night I just noticed how beautiful it is during the night.” “Yeah, I have noticed your accent. Where are you from?” I ask. “I'm visiting from the UK. I'm British.” He answers. “Oh, well how long are you staying?” I ask. I try to keep the hurt out of my voice but it doesn’t work. My voice cracks as I finish the sentence. He notices and looks at me. “I'm not in a rush to leave. I don’t think I'm leaving anytime soon. I want to get to know you, Alex.” He says. He says it so sweetly that I can’t help but lean towards him a little. He put his arm around my shoulders and I put my arm around his waist. I leaned into him some more.  It was nice to be held by him. He was gentle but firm; we stayed there together for another 20 minutes and then started walking again.

“So what do you do?” I ask. “Like I told you, I'm a college student here.” He answered. “Oh, that’s cool. But I haven’t seen you around school.” “I transferred here about a week ago. I haven’t been here much.  And most of the time, I have been at home sighing papers and doing homework. I decided to do homework at the park today since it’s so quite most of the time and then you walked up and I was really glad I had come to the park. And then your sister came to get you and you had to leave and then I just said to myself ‘You will see her later’ but I kept asking what if I didn’t, so I got my stuff and went to go find you to see if you would like to go out with me. And then I went home and I told myself you were probably busy and that I needed to wait to call you, but I couldn’t, and then you told me you were doing homework and then I felt bad until you told me you were done. And then I took the chance to ask you out even though I was really scared that you would say no… and you said yes.” He said. It shocked me that he was thinking of me so much.

“Wow, I didn’t know you were that into me. You have obviously not been here very long. You are really sweet. I thought that maybe you wouldn’t call me. Do you know how amazingly hot you are? I mean, seriously. Your very pretty, your British, your hair is amazing, and you have the most breathtaking smile ever! Looking at you smile makes me smile too, and you go for someone like me, it just doesn’t happen.  So when you ran after me, I didn’t really know what to think. I'm sorry but I have never really thought highly of myself.” I felt him look down at me. I really didn’t want to meet his gaze so I looked at the floor. He let go of me and put his hand under my chin. His hands were soft but they were also masculine. He gently but firmly lifted my head so I would meet his eyes. “I forgot to mention how pretty your eyes are too.” I said smiling.

“You have to give yourself more credit too.” Harry said. “You are very pretty yourself. Come on, let’s keep walking. I'm hungry. Let’s get something to eat.” He said. And with that he let my hand go. He was about to turn to leave but I stopped him. “Wait.” I said. He turned to look at me but I wasn’t looking at him, I was looking at my hand reaching for his. He extended his hand and grabbed mine. And then we started walking, and the whole way to the car, our fingers were intertwined.

When we reached the parking lot, we decided to go in two separate cars even though we didn’t want to. We agreed to go to Red Lobsters. Since Harry was new here, he had never eaten there and that was my favorite place so it was perfect. I drove in front because he didn’t know where it was. When we arrived, we parked beside each other and went inside. It was sort of full but it didn’t bother us. We sat in a booth and ordered. I made sure to ask for the little biscuits first. The lady taking out order nodded and went to go get the biscuits. Harry laughed when the lady left. “What’s so important about biscuits?” he asked. I just smiled and said “It’s the reason I wanted to come here.”

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