Unpredicted Happiness

when alex runs into a british beauty (Harry), she falls for him in record speed. the question is, how long will they be together before a crisis occurs. how long will it be before Harry's secret tears them apart?


2. The Beginning

“Ah, I needed this,” I said. I was with my sister at the park enjoying some lunch. It had been a hectic week. I had very demanding classes and shift hours and barely had time for homework or relaxing.  I had the first few days off, so I decided to just relax for a while. I asked my sister, Karielys, if she wanted to go get lunch and she agreed. Now, we were having lots of fun in the park eating, chatting, and laughing just like the old days. Karielys and I had been like best friends since she had come and lived with my family. I am only one year older than her. I am in college and she is in her senior year in high school. We both speak Spanish. We love the fact that we know and can secretly speak Spanish and none of my friends or anybody around knows what we are saying.  Although we were sisters, people often thought we were just friends because we didn’t resemble each other at all.  I had dark caramel skin with naturally curly black hair, which I liked to keep straight, that reached my shoulders. I have chubby cheeks but a curvy frame and bangs that I like to hide by parting my hair to the side and pushing them away. I never wore makeup but always had very colorful nails. I loved sparkly hair accessories and nail polish but I was not very girly. I loved to wear jeans and shorts and never wore skirts. Also my name, Inaya, was always very exotic and not many people knew how to pronounce it. I often went by Alex because of my middle name, which is Alexandra. Karielys, on the other hand is easier to say. She has a light golden color with black very long wavy hair that reached her hips. She had very defined cheek bones and a skinny frame. She is shorter than me and she is quite girly. We were both considered pretty but really didn’t date. I always had school and liked to be completely focused on grades and college and Karielys was always closer to her friends than anything. She would choose girls night over and a date any day. She didn’t seem to be much focused or in a rush to get a partner anyway.
“Yeah, I thought you were gonna die of exhaustion!” said Karielys. She loved to be dramatic just to be funny. It worked
“Shut-up,” I said laughing a little. As I was about to say something sarcastic, when ranch dressing dripped from her chicken tender to and landed on her shirt. When she grabbed a napkin to wipe it off, then, more of the dressing fell on her pants and I started laughing really hard.  She wiped it up and threw the napkin at me. We momentarily locked eyes and then simultaneously burst into an uncontrollable, contagious laughter that didn’t stop until our tummies were hurting and there were tears in our eyes.  By the time we calmed down, onlookers we looking at us like we had gone insane. We finished eating and went for a walk. It felt really good to be outside and appreciate the fresh air that I had been lacking for the past week. I closed my eyes and felt the air in my hair and lungs when I crashed into someone.
“Oh! I'm so sorry!” I said. “I wasn’t looking. I'm really sorry.” I continued.
“It’s alright.” The guy said. I helped him pick up some papers he had dropped. And then I picked up my drink that had spilled everywhere. “I should be saying sorry, look at your drink.” He said. I gave a little laugh. “It’s not like there was much in it anyway.” I said. I looked at his face for the first time and noticed he was really attractive. He had fair skin, curly brown hair that complemented his spring grass green eyes. We both stood up and noticed he was a couple of inches taller than me. Some of his curly hair fell in his eyes and he flicked it aside by jerking his head slightly. I also noticed he looked really young, not younger than me but maybe a little older.
“Hi” I said when I returned his papers to him. He was still in college according to his papers and books. “Hey, are you alright?” he asked. I smiled and replied “Yeah, I'm fine. I don’t know your name.” I said. “I'm Inaya but call me Alex.” I finished. He smiled a really pretty smile. He had really white and straight teeth. He also had really cute dimples that made him look like a young and innocent child. I couldn’t help but smile too. “I'm Harry” he said. He had an English accent that made him even more desirable.  
At that moment my sister walked up to me. “Hey what’s going on?” she asked. She seemed to be completely oblivious to the really hot guy standing in front of me. “Karielys,” I said turning towards Harry “this is Harry.” I finished. They shook hands and smiled. “I crashed into him and I helped him pick up his papers. They seemed important.” Karielys just nodded. “Ok” she said. “Well we have to go, you have homework and I have to get to work. Will you take me?” She asked. “Yeah, sure what time are do you have to be there?” I asked. “In about 20 minutes” she said. I nodded and turned to Harry. “I have to go but I hope I’ll run into you again” I said in the nicest way possible. And with that, he flashed me that awesome smile and I turned to leave. As we were walking I turned to see him again and he did the same and I just smiled and waved.
“He was sexy!” Karielys said when we were out of hearing range. “Yeah,” I said “and he's British too! And you made me leave.” I continued. Karielys just laughed and said “It isn’t my fault we are responsible and have things to do.” We both just laughed. We walked a little more when I heard my name. It was being called. My sister heard it too. In the distance, I saw Harry running towards me. I just laughed a little and waited until he caught up to us.
When he caught up to us, he was out of breath. “Hey” he said panting and smiling. “Hey Harry” I said giggling and looking amused. My sister was laughing so I elbowed her to stop.
I waited until he stood up straight and had stopped panting to speak again. “What’s up Harry?” I said. “Well I wanted to ask you something” he said. I looked at him puzzled and replied “Ask away.” He looked in my eyes and said “Inaya, well…” he said “Call me Alex” I said before he could go on. “Ok. Alex, will you go with me to get dinner sometime?” he said. He seemed nervous but he looked me in the eyes the entire time. I just smiled and said “Sure. I would love to.” He smiled and said “Ok um well –“I interrupted “Here is my number. Just call me and we will work something out” I said. I grabbed his hand and wrote my number on it with a pen. I smiled and said “Can’t wait.” He smiled and replied “Me either.” And with that I turned and went to my car.
As soon as I got into the car, my sister started to tease me. “Aww that was so sweet!!!” she said over and over. I just started smiling. “He asked me to dinner” I said “And I gave him my number so we can plan it…I'm so excited!! He actually likes me enough to ask me out!” We ended up talking and laughing the entire drive to her job. I told her that if he has any pretty friends, that I would introduce her to them. And she told me that all I had to do was text her if the date went bad and I needed to bail. It was a really funny conversation and it was nice to just joke around. Inside I was worrying that Harry wouldn’t call me and that we won’t go on a date but I decided I would think about that later. I pushed all negative thoughts down and just enjoyed me and my sister joking around. Now that we were both in school and me having to work really hard to keep my scholarship, I'm not sure how long it would be until we had another conversation like this again.


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