Unpredicted Happiness

when alex runs into a british beauty (Harry), she falls for him in record speed. the question is, how long will they be together before a crisis occurs. how long will it be before Harry's secret tears them apart?


5. First night together

When we got to my sisters job, I got out of the car to go get her while Harry stayed in the car. When I found her she looked worried. “It’s about time you got here!” she said. “I got held up.” That was all I said. We got some slushes like always and went to the car. As I was leaving, I got an extra straw for Harry. When we got to the car, I signaled my sister to seat in the backseat, but she didn’t understand until she opened the passenger door to find Harry there silently jamming out to another song. Harry just looked up at her and smiled.

“Oh, hello Harry, didn’t expect you here.” Karielys said. I found it surprising that she said it so politely. “Yeah, you and I both but I just couldn’t leave Alex yet.” Karielys just smiled and went to sit in the back. I got behind the wheel and took off. When we started driving, a really popular song came on so I turned it up. All of the color seemed to drain out of his face so I reached over and took his hand. I squeezed it for reassurance and we all sang the song. “Oh, that song is amazing! I have to know who sings it. I’ll but it when we got home.” Karielys said. “That is a new song by the British/Irish band! One direction! They are rumored to be here in America recording so keep your eyes peeled!!” said the radio. “Maybe you could look them up.” I said to my sister. “They might have an album out.” I finished.

“So is Harry coming home with us?” my sister asked. “I don’t know but he is welcome.” I said. I risked a side glance at him and he was smiling. “Well, Harry, do you happen to have and young pretty friends like yourself? I'm sure Karielys would like to know. She actually asked me to ask you.” I said trying to embarrass her. “Yes I do; in fact, I have 4 really good looking friends. Maybe you and Alex can come over tomorrow and I will introduce all of them to you. They are really good guys and we are all staying close together. Maybe we can do dinner.” Harry said. I thought that was really sweet. “Well, we would love to. I can do homework early and we could come over at around 4. Is that ok?” I said. I hoped I wasn’t being pushy, but all Harry did was agree and love the idea. “I could come over and help you with your homework in the morning.” He said. “Or you could stay and still help me in the morning…if you want.” I said. “Yeah, I would love to stay.” He said. I thought I could feel the happiness radiating out of me. And just like that, we headed home.

When we got there, I had to sneak Harry to my room. My mom was in the kitchen so she didn’t see me go up the stairs. “Ok, stay here. The bathroom it right through that door. It’s my personal bathroom and it only has one door so no one could see you. I'm going to go see my family and tell them goodnight and then I will be back up here. It’ll take about 5 minutes.” I said and leaned in to kiss him. I left and gently shut my door. I went downstairs and went to see my mom. She was making her a snack. “How was the park?” she said. She knew that I went to the park earlier today with Karielys. “Really good actually; I met someone.” I said with a smile. “Oh, was he pretty?” she asked. “Yes, and he is British! His name was Harry. And…he had dimples!” I said happily. “Karielys saw him. She said he was pretty too.” I said. My mom just smiled and went to go sit. I went over to her and told her I was really tired and I would take a shower in the morning and that I was going to sleep so I could get up early to do homework. She smiled and told me “Goodnight.”

I ran upstairs to find Harry on my bed on his phone. When I joined him, he put the phone down and explained. “I have a roommate and I didn’t want him to worry. He is one of my friends that I hope we will meet tomorrow.” He said. I nodded and went to the bathroom. I shut the door and brushed my teeth and hair. After I used the bathroom, I went to meet Harry. He seemed to be reading a book but when I got closer, I noticed he was looking at my college books. He was looking at what classes I took. “Wow. I never asked, but what are you going to college to be?” he said. I smiled and said “Pediatrics, I love kids so I want to work with them.” I said pulling out some PJs for me. I pulled out some clothes that fit me big and threw them over to Harry. He smiled and took the pants. They fit him ridiculously small but it was amusing to see. I snuck into my parent’s room and found him some shorts from my dad. I came back and he smiled. “I like these better.” He said.

Harry got up to examine my room. It wasn’t dirty but it was cluttered. It had a bed in the middle, a drawer on the other side of the room, 2 bedside tables, a desk to do homework which had my laptop on it, a walk-in closet, and a bookshelf with all my books. “Wow, how many books do you have?” he said in amazement. “Well, reading is something I love to do. I have read all of those books. That whole shelf is worth about $1,000 with all those books. I just love to read with my free time.” I said. “I can’t say I expected this.” He said seriously. “What’s wrong?” I said getting up and getting behind him. “It’s just that I can’t believe that my girlfriend is so smart!” he said lifting me up and putting me on the bed. We were both laughing. “I always wished that I could have a smart, independent woman to be my girlfriend.” He said looking at me with those beautiful eyes. “Well, you won’t believe me, but I have always wanted a British boyfriend.” I said. And with that, I reached up and guided him down to kiss me.

He didn’t object. We kissed for a long time. It was a soft kiss, not fierce like the one at the park. He positioned himself on top of me but he had his hands on the bed to support himself. I wrapped my ankles around him and flipped him so that now I was on top of him. He groaned a low rumble deep in his throat in agreement. His hands were on my back. He pushed the hem of my shirt up and touched my bare tummy. That touch is that drove me crazy. Where he touched me, it felt like a spark and I had to get more. I lifted his shirt and felt his stomach. To my surprise, he had lean, hard, tough muscles. I could feel his heart under my hand. I ran my finger slowly and softly against every muscle as if memorizing it. It felt like paradise at that moment. It felt like the whole world had disappeared and it was just me and Harry. He took his shirt off and flipped me over. He didn’t seem to want to take any of my clothes off without permission. We were both breathing heavily. He pulled away and gently said “If I told you I wanted to wait, what would you say?” he said. I just smiled “I would agree, but I would still want you to stay.” I whispered to him. He smiled and leaned down again. This time I turned my head and let him kiss my cheek. He smiled and laid back. I lay down beside him. I craved his touch so I laid my head on his chest and he put his arm around my shoulders. It felt like we were at the park again. He slowly started stroking my back while I passed my fingers on his midsection. When I reached his hips, his breathed in slightly loudly. “Not to low…you have really soft hands.” I smiled and took his hand in mine and we slept like that the entire night.

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