Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Kayleigh happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The question is has it made her a better person? Or worse?


2. That Day

I woke up and got dressed in my regular clothes that I wear to the grocery store: a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt from... a store? Im not a big brand name person. I thrift shop a lot. You can find really unique things without spending a lot of dough. I run down and find my roommate making coffee.

"Hey Kay!" she says joyfully. I roll my eyes at her cheerfulness. She is such a morning person.

"Hey Sammy." I say nonchalantly. I am definitely NOT a morning person.

"I gotta go get some bacon and other stuff after I go to the bank. Okay?" I informed her of my plans. Samantha is younger than me by a couple of months but she is a motherly figure to me.

"Okay that's fine! Just be careful." She responds.

"Thanks, MOM." I mock her as I grab my phone and wristlet.

I walk down the street and pass Lenny's Bagel shop, might I add that they have the best bagels, Gin's minimart, and other various quaint New York shops. I pass the churro stand and spend my last two dollars in cash on a churro filled with strawberry jelly. I feel the fried dough crunch in my mouth as the red jam seeps out into my mouth exciting my tastebuds. I pass under some scaffolding as the wind blows construction dust against my exposed legs stinging the skin as the granules hit my limbs. Luckily my face is covered by my long brown waves averting the little daggers flying in the air. As I exit the scaffolding I pass more stores but not as quaint as the shops by my apartment, these are big chain companies that have stores all over the world. Companies like McDonald's, H&M, Macy's, etc. I enjoy the scenery as I approach my bank. I see the 'I Heart NYC' tee shirt stand signaling that I am about two minutes away from the branch of CHASE closest to my current living situation. I stop at the tourist stand and chat with my friend Nate who owns the little shop. I wave goodbye as I head to my bank once again. I get to my bank and notice a big black escalade parked outside. Cool! Maybe a famous person is in my bank! I shake off my initial excitement and walk inside the establishment. I go up to my favorite teller, Patrica (Pat for short), and start filling out my withdrawal form for fifty dollars. That’s about all I need for a week. Especially on summer break when I don’t need ‘5 hour energy’s every two hours. As I am about to put my account number down, I hear the clock strike noon. It begins to play a tune that I am unfamiliar with. I put the writing of my account number on hold, and listen to the little melody. It is about to finish when all of the sudden I hear,



A/N: Cliffhanger! I am trying to whip out a 40000 word book for the random house contest! :) Leave links to your submissions in the comments so I can read them! ;)

May the force be with you,

Ellie xoxo ;)

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