Niall horan, 25 and Quinn 25. Just out of college things are new and very interesting.......


1. Mine

Quinn's POV
Everyone around me was drunk. There were multiple people making out all over the place. I was one of the few sober people left. 
A tall guy staggered over to me obviously drunk. 
"Hey lovely want to come over to my place and we can have a little fun?" 

"No" I said

"To bad. Your coming with me"
He roughly grabbed my arm and dragged me through the passageway. 

"H-help" I managed to yelp 

I looked up to find the voice. To my surprise it was Niall. We had been friends for a year now. He was cute and I could tell he kind of liked me. 

"N-nothing" the guy that was dragging me stuttered.  
Niall was a tall buff guy by now. He has been going to the gym I guess for a while and boy has he bulked up. 

The drunk stranger released my arm and I tumbled into Niall's arms. We looked up at eachother. 

"Thanks hot rod" I laughed 
"Anytime princess" he chuckled 

We went back to his apartment and had a few drinks. After that I was to tired to drive so I slept at his place on the couch. 

Niall's POV

She was truly beautiful. I sat there with her under my arm, just like when she fell asleep. She trusted me and I knew it. Now it was only down to getting her to like me as more than a friend. Damn. The friend zone can be a bitch. 

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