Niall horan, 25 and Quinn 25. Just out of college things are new and very interesting.......


2. Breaking through

Quinn's POV
I woke up in Niall's arms pleased to see that he was still sleeping soundly next to me. A small moan escaped from his mouth as I got up. 

"Where ya going?" He sleepily asked

"Gotta go to work. Sorry but maybe if your around later tonight....." I trailed off 

"Yes! Sounds good ill pick you up at seven?" 

"Sure! See ya then" I winked to him and quietly shut the door behind me as I left.
I heard him jump off the couch and jump around shouting yes many times. I giggled to myself for a little while 
That guy was so adorable sometimes. 

Niall's POV

"YES! SCORE!" Shouted as I pranced around my apartment like a little boy who had won his video game after many failed attempts. 

I sat down on my couch and sweared  to myself about what I would wear and worrying about what she would think of me. 
This is my chance to break through that damn friend zone barrier and Quinn and I both knew it. 
I had to be amazing. This is my chance to show her much I love her. 
*2 hours later*
It was 10:00 , time for my daily workout at the gym. 
I went and lifted the usual 85 pounds but today I'm feeling lucky. I went over to the 100 pound weights. Remembering how amazing I needed to be for Quinn to except me as more than a friend, I effortlessly lifted the weight. I felt so powerful as I lifted it up and down for a good 30 minutes.  

I went home and showered. After that I put on my best outfit; a black suit with a maroon tie. 
I shot Quinn a text; "wear something fancy. We're going out to dinner ;)" 
My phone lit up a short few minutes later. She replied 

"Ok mr. Fancy but no snogging. I know what your up to.;)" 

I replied : " no promises" we both knew I was joking. 

"Haha fine see you at seven you stubborn little ass" she responded
*seven o'clock*

I pulled up In front of her house. I knocked on the door and she stepped out. 

She looked amazing. 

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