The Ring Series: Book 1


5. Trevorlandia

I opened my eyes. I was on the ground, staring up at a starry sky. There was a constellation and a big round moon, but no pollution and no signs of bad weather. I sat up and looked around. I seemed to be in a grassy meadow, with a small run-down shack about 30 feet away from me. There were weird animals grazing in the field, but I couldn't define any of them. 

"Hello?" I called. No one answered. A cow-like creature with giant butterfly wings and beady red eyes barked and I began to run. I ran for the shack, hoping someone in there could help me. I banged on the door, nearly knocking it down. Trevor opened the door and pulled me in. He wore a black tunic with brown lacing and brown sandals. I wondered what he was up to. 

"He jumped at you, didn't he?" Trevor asked. I was surprised that I knew what he was talking about.

"Yeah, how did you-" 

"I'll explain later. First, I need to get you ready. We only have thirty minutes in the armory room," Trevor said. He dragged me up some creaky steps and we got in an elevator. 

We got off at floor 3. It was a room made completely of marble, with shelves of armor and weapons leaned against the spot-less walls. Trevor stepped into the armory room. His outfit changed. Trevor now wore bronze armor from head to toe. His head was protected by a bronze helmet that was so shiny, it blinded me. He had a bronze chest plate strapped to a white shirt, and bronze leggings. Trevor's brown sandals were gone, and replaced with a pair of stiff bronze shoes that came to a sharp point. 

Trevor walked over to the farthest wall and took a leather vest from the top shelf. He held it up to my shirt and smiled. Next, Trevor took down a pair of leather pants, leather shoes, and a baseball cap. I put the things on and showed them to Trevor. The baseball cap looked really out of place, but I guess it was for my own good if Trevor suggested it. 

"How do I look?" I asked. Trevor looked me up and down, then took the baseball cap and threw it behind him. I nodded and smiled.

"Okay, c'mon, I'll get you packed," Trevor said. We left the armory and headed up a flight of marble stairs. "Good thing you took my advice," Trevor said when we reached the top. He opened a steel door and went inside. "Otherwise you'd be gone by now." 

The room was made of steel all around, with wooden floors covered in a fleece carpet. In one corner was a big bed with white sheets. In the other corner was a wardrobe and another door. 

"Is this your room?" I asked Trevor. He shook his head. 

"It was meant for you," he replied. "I'll explain everything later." Trevor opened the wardrobe and took out two knapsacks and a satchel. He filled each bag with clothes and supplies, then threw them on the bed. Trevor glanced at a wristwatch I hadn't noticed before. He tapped a button on the side and the watch turned to a sword. "Oops, wrong button," he said. Trevor pressed the same button and the watch turned back to a regular wristwatch. "We've got two days until you return to reality," Trevor told me. He headed back down the stairs.

"Three days?" I repeated. 

"Yeah. You can stay for that time and I can train you so you can dispose of that rotten monster," Trevor suggested. He went through a door and we came to a dining room. 

"Why can't you?" I inquired. Trevor sat down at the dining table and waved his hand. Platters of delicious food and pitchers of frothy drink appeared in front of us. 

"Trust me, I would," he started. "But it just would't be right." 

"But that thing, whatever it is, almost killed me! You said we have a special connection. Doesn't that give you a right to kill it?" 

"No, you've got it all wrong, Evan. Listen, things in life aren't always fair. I've got some explaining to do, but I can't right now. Tomorrow I will, I promise. Fill yourself up and I'll get you ready for bed. Trust me, Evan." Trevor put his hand on my shoulder and dug into the food. 


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