The Ring Series: Book 1


3. Stuck

When school was over, I headed over to meet up with Madison and Joe again. I was going to say my good-byes, and wish them good luck at the Trainee Camp. 

"See you next year," Madison said. I hugged her and looked at Joe. He had a fiery look in his eyes, like he was planning something evil. I gave him a man-hug. 

"Oh, uh, bye for now, I guess," Joe said. We shook hands. 

"See you," Ryan said. We had a group hug, then my friends took off. I looked at my watch and hurried off to Mr. Ghatsky's class. 

In the classroom, there were seven desks set up in a row. They were all spread out, and close enough so Mr. Ghatsky could see what everyone was doing, without wearing his glasses. It also meant that we were close enough so that we could smell his breath. 

"Mr. McGavin, you'll be sitting in desk 4. Hand over your backpack," Mr. Ghatsky croaked. I threw my backpack at Mr. Ghatsky and sat down at the middle desk. Over the next minute or two, delinquents started to rush in. There were six other ones, all that I knew, who hurried in and took their seats. It seemed they knew where to sit without any instruction.

Mr. Ghatsky took everyone's backpacks and threw them in a bin. He opened the first cabinet of four at the back of the room, and took out a large bucket.

"Uh, Mr. Ghatsky," asked one of the delinquents named Victor. "Is that the toilet, because I have to go." Mr. Ghatsky scowled and attached a red button on Victor's forehead. Victor tried to look up at the button, which only caused his eyes to go cross-eyed. Mr. Ghatsky moaned. 

"Don't touch it!" warned a boy named Marcos. Victor shrugged.

"Why?" he asked. I moaned and put my head on the desk. 

"It's going to shock you!" Marcos replied. Victor laughed.

"No way!" Marcos shrugged and shook his head.

"Yeah, wanna bet?" Victor nodded and tapped the red button on his head. A red flash of light shot from the red button, and to the ceiling. Victor laughed. 

"It didn't shock me!" he exclaimed. Then, a blue streak of lighting shot down from the hole in the ceiling and hit Victor right in the head. Now Mr. Ghatsky was laughing. Victor jumped backwards and hit the desk next to his. The girl sitting in that desk stood up and cracked her knuckles. I was glad I couldn't see anything, because after a few minutes of screaming, an ambulance was screeching down the school parking lot. 

Mr. Ghatsky lifted my head with a ruler. He had a crooked smile stretched across his wrinkly face.

"You wanna touch it now?" he snickered. I scowled and put my head back down on the desk. 

When all the kids except for me and a boy named Trevor were left, I put my head up and rubbed my eyes. Trevor had moved to the seat next to me, and was folding a paper airplane. Mr. Ghatsky was digging through me backpack, taking out any devices I had. When he was finished, Mr. Ghatsky had a pile next to him that consisted of my cellphone, PSP, calculator, and a translator.

"Mr. Ghatsky, can I get my homework out of my backpack?" Trevor asked. Mr. Ghatsky shot an evil look at Trevor, but nodded. Trevor retrieved a green binder and a blue pencil box from his backpack and began to scrawl things down. 

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