The Ring Series: Book 1


4. Mr. Ghatsky

Soon, it was time for Trevor to leave. He packed up his things and took a navy blue velvet box from the front pocket of his backpack. Mr. Ghatsky turned around and dropped my backpack back in the bin. I winced. Trevor dropped the little box and slid it under my desk with his foot. 

"See you tomorrow, Mr. Ghatsky," Trevor said. He swung his backpack over his shoulder and winked at me, before hurrying out of the classroom. I hid the box in the desk when Mr. Ghatsky turned around. He threw my backpack onto his desk and stared at me intently. 

"You stay here while I get myself a drink. You saw what I did there to poor Victor, huh?" I nodded. "Then stay put, Mr. McGavin," Mr. Ghatsky said. I nodded and watched Mr. Ghatsky leave. 

As soon as Mr. Ghatsky was out of the room, I took the box from the desk and read the back. Engraved in the velvet, there was a note signed by Trevor. 

Dear Evan, 

Hey, I know this is kinda weird. I don't know you that well on the outside, but you gotta trust me. I know way more than you do about yourself inside. There's something people aren't telling you, and I don't like it. This is for emergencies only. If you use it when you don't need to, you'll probably die, so don't. Trust me on this. I'll see you soon, if Mr. Ghatsky decides he wants you done for. You and I, we're awkward and shouldn't be here. There's lots of people like us. I'm here for you, buddy. 



I put the the box in my pocket and sat up straight. Mr. Ghatsky threw open the door, expecting me to be making trouble, and shut the door loudly. 

"What have you been up to?" Mr. Ghatsky asked. I shrugged.

"Homework, school, sports. The typical," I replied. Mr. Ghatsky clenched his rotten teeth. 

"Ha, ha. You aren't what you think you are, Mr. McGavin. Now shush up and get out of my sight!" Mr. Ghatsky spat.

"I'm in detention," I stated. Mr. Ghatsky snickered. 

"Not for long!" Mr. Ghatsky leaped onto his desk and grabbed his beard. He tugged on it until it ripped off, and I thought, ow. Mr. Ghatsky picked up my backpack and put it on himself. He kneeled down and a flash of black light filled the room. I closed my eyes and covered my ears, expecting the worse.

The light died down and I opened my eyes. Mr. Ghatsky wasn't on his desk anymore. He was clinging to the ceiling, and he was no longer human. Mr. Ghatsky was a giant snake with ugly black and green scales, and had a huge lion head with a scraggly mane. Mr. Ghatsky let go of the wall and came soaring down toward the ground. He was going to die. No one could survive a fall on their head.

But I was proved wrong. Mr. Ghatsky did a double flip, a somersault, and landed on his snake tail. I now noticed he also had two lion arms and claws in the front to hold up his big head. Mr. Ghatsky jumped at me. I ducked and opened the velvet box from Trevor. Inside, was a big silver ring with the biggest ruby I'd ever seen in the middle. I didn't know how a ring was going to help me, but I put it on anyway. There was a flash of white light, and I felt blind and useless. 

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