The Ring Series: Book 1


6. Discussions

I awoke in the bed with white sheets that morning. I wore a light nightshirt and shorts, but I didn't remember changing last night. The knapsacks and satchel were placed next to my bed, along with the clothes I had on yesterday. I heard some clanging downstairs, so I ventured out.

Trevor was in a tunic again, plus some loafers and he had a pair of motorcycle goggles around his neck. He was making breakfast, but I couldn't identify what he was making. Trevor turned around.

"Oh, good morning, Evan," Trevor greeted. He set a bowl of stew on the table and poured red juice into two glasses. "Have some breakfast," he said. I sat down and filled a bowl with the stew.

"It smells good," I finally said. Trevor took a gulp of the juice.

"Thanks. Do you know what it is?" I smelled the food once again, then ate a spoonful of the stew. It was the most delicious thing I'd ever tasted!

"What is it?" I asked excitedly.

"Are you sure you want to know?" I nodded. "It's horse eye-ball stew with lamb guts and dandelion stems. I added some fried raven feet too, just to add that extra blast of flavor!" Trevor exclaimed. I spat out the stew and ran to the sink. I washed my mouth until the only thing I tasted was dish soap and hot tap water. 

"Trevor!!!" I screamed. Trevor laughed and fixed me up a bowl of wheat cereal. 

After breakfast, Trevor took me outside. Today, it was a perfect day. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, flowering plants, beautiful landscapes, and an odd mooing sound in the distance. We headed for the mooing sounds on an old, brown horse. Trevor was very good at telling the horse what to do. 

We stopped at a fenced area. There was a clear pond of fresh water in one corner, a trough of fancy-looking food, and three cow-like animals roaming the area. They were cows, I was pretty sure, but mixed with a lion, donkey, and maybe some sort of bird. 

"Evan, these are my pets," Trevor said.

"What are they?" I asked. 

"I have no idea," Trevor replied. He pat the first animal between the horns and fed it a handful of the food from the trough. 

"They look like cows," I said. Trevor shrugged. 

"We'd better get going," Trevor said. "They'll be waiting." Trevor mounted the horse and took off, without letting me ask anymore questions. 

We arrived at a large marble building. Two stone pillars held up the building, and bright red steps led up to the door. Trevor led me inside and brought me up a flight of diamond stairs. 

"Nice," I said when we got in the room. It was brightly lit by open windows, with a large gold table in the middle. Purple chairs surrounded the table, and a man in a yellow Hawaiian-styled shirt and bermuda shorts sat in one of them.  

"Trevor, Evan, I have been waiting," said the man. 

"Sorry, Lord," Trevor said. His face was old and wrinkly, but sparkling with knowledge. (Literally. Letters and numbers were flying out of his head.) 

"The past is well known to many," said the man. "But the present is much more famous." 

"Wise words," I blurted. The man turned to me.

"Evan McGavin, it is nice to see you. I held you when you were a baby," he said. A shudder went down my spine.

"Uh, cool," I said. 

"You don't remember who I am, do you?" the man asked. I shook my head. "Oh, what a shame. Trevor, tell him who I am." 

"Uh, Evan, this is our father, Lord Tame." 

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