Look After You (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Leah clark is a 16 year old girl who is bullied every day non stop at school. everyone hates her, no body gives her a break, she thinks shes worthless and no one will ever like her or get to know the real her. that is, untill one day, a strange blonde boy saves her from being beaten yet again by one of her tormenters. they remain good friends from then on, but will they become more? or will they start to spread apart? read to find out.........(this is my fist movella so no hate please. like and fave!)


4. Niall

                    I slowly felt my self beginning to wake up. When i opened my eyes i could see i was in a white room. *where am i?* I thought to my self."We called your brother.He said he would be here as soon as possible." i heard a deep Irish accent say. i turned my head seeing a gorgeous blonde haired lad with ocean blue eyes that made me melt."How did i get here? and who are you?" i asked, my voice scratchy."I took you here after i saw that guy attack you. and my name's Niall by the way." he explained, walking over to my bed.Someone attacked me? I looked down only  to see my right leg in a cast and my arms wrapped in gauze. Suddenly I remembered everything. getting kicked, seeing niall beat the crap out of my attacker, and being curried to his car. I let a tear escape my eyes. "T-Thank you so m-much." i said through tears.He smiled warmly and said "You are quite welcome love. Can i ask, why did that guy attack you?" I let out a small sigh and told him, "I don't know. nobody really likes me and i get harassed a lot by other people.They call me things like a slut and ugly and fat and they some times push me into walls and punch me and trip me.  I just wish i knew why they hated me so much." I said. i was crying a bit at that point. Nialls face full of rage and sorrow, then softened when he saw my tears.He lifted my chin up with his finger, looked deep in my eyes and said, "Don't worry love, i will make sure that this never ever happens to you again. i promise. besides, a girl as pretty and nice as you should never be treated like that. By the way whats your name?" His words made my heart melt, i know i dont even know him but for some reason i feel safe with him, like i can trust him with anything. i smiled and said," thank you so much Niall. my name is Leah by the way." "Nice to meet you Leah. after all this is done and you're out of the hospital, Ya wanna hang out some time?" he asked me with a warm smile."sure." i responded to him.

We were deep in a conversation about any random crap that we could think of having a good time just enjoying each others company when a nurs walked in and said, "Ms.Clark? there are four boys in the lobby that want to see you.I believe their names are Kole,Tyler,Greyson,and Seth." i smiled, happy to hear that my brothers had arrived. "send them in please!" i said. A few moments later i could hear what sounded like a herd of elephants running down the hall and then i saw all four boys sprinting into the room screaming things like "Oh thank god your ok!" or "What happened to you?!". then moments they fell silent.finally seth spoke up and said, "hey Leah, who's the dude?" I giggled then said, "guys this is Niall. He saved me from the man who decided to attack me." silence filled the room for only two seconds before all at once the screamed "WHO THE FUCK ATTACKED YOU?!?!" then yet again they were all babbling questions and death threats like their life depended on it. Niall gave me a confused look and i wispered in his ear "sorry theyre not the quietest boys in the world." then  i finally had enough and screamed "ARE YOU QUITE FINNISHED BOYS?!" they all shut up and looked at me. "Now, me and Niall will explain to you what happened if you can manage to keep your mouths shut for five minutes." they all nodded and sat down on a chair. "okay, i was walking out of the cafeteria at school, just minding my own buisness..."


Hey guys! i will try to update every day or every two days if i can. I really hope you guys like this story so far. If u guys want you can comment suggestions on what you think i should change or just any ideas you have for this book. i will read the comments and i will take each suggestion to heart.remember to Like, fave, and comment bye! xoxo--Maya

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