Look After You (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Leah clark is a 16 year old girl who is bullied every day non stop at school. everyone hates her, no body gives her a break, she thinks shes worthless and no one will ever like her or get to know the real her. that is, untill one day, a strange blonde boy saves her from being beaten yet again by one of her tormenters. they remain good friends from then on, but will they become more? or will they start to spread apart? read to find out.........(this is my fist movella so no hate please. like and fave!)


8. chapter 7.

                                    "BOYS IM GONNAH BE OUT WITH A FRIEND FOR A BIT!" i screamed to the boys from up stairs "OK BUT REMEMBER, DON'T TWERK IN PUBLIC! I GOT KICKED OUT OF NANDOS FOR DOING THAT YESTERDAY!" greyson yelled to me,is this kid serious? i fell on the ground laughing so hard i probably looked like a dunk retarded seal"Why the hell were you twerking in nandos?!" i ask between my laughs, "Bec-......uh....i'd rather not talk about it right now....." he said, oh dear god he's serious.... i managed to pull my self together and get into my bathroom to get ready to meet niall.

                 I decided on some a peach color beanie, grey swetter, slightly torn blue skinny jeans, and bronze colored flats. i decided to curl my hair a little bit and put on some lip stick and mascara.i dont really like going to heavy on my make up only for super important things.

"c'ya boys, ill be back later." i said walking out the door "BYE SISSYYYY!" they screamed in unison. on my walk to starbucks, i thought about why niall saved me. i mean, let just face it i'm ugly, i'm dumb, i'm fat, no one likes me, and niall was just puting him self at risk by saving me. not just the risk of him being beaten up but also him getting dragged into it and people deciding to bully him because he defended me. does he actually care about me? ugh leah just shut up of course he does'nt, he just felt bad for me. he'll probably go with them eventually and start bullying me to.

                             once i reached starbucks i decided to just push those thoughts out of my mind for now and focous on having some fun. i saw niall standing by the door waiting for me so i quickly walked over to him. "sorry im a bit late. i didnt get a ride here so i had to walk." i explained "oh its ok i dont mind he assured with a smile, as he took my hand and walked through the door. "so what do u wanna get?" he asked me, "umm, probably a caramel macchiato. you?" "i think i'll get a cappuccino." he said. finally it was our turn in line "can i get one cappaccino and one caramel maccianto please?" niall said to the cashier. she had blonde hair and looked about my age. "sure, that will be 7.26." she said to niall with a smile and winked.she took the mony from him and gave him our coffee and bit her lip then she looked at me and scoffed "why r u hanging out with that whore?" she said in disgust  "she's so ugly i mean look at her don't waste your time on her. " she looked at me like i was an alian. "look whos talking" niall said to her, what the fuck is this kid doing?! "excuse me?!" she gasped, oh no."you heard me, you don't just start flirting with a guy and then turn to his friend and start bitching about how she looks and call her a whore then expect me to consider ditching her to go snog you? i think we all know the whore here" niall said. "AWH SNAP!" said a man behind us. what is this kid doing????the grl slapped niall and glared at me before stomping away. "N-Niall, maybe we should go somewhere else." i said "Yea, dang that girl has a strong fist." niall said holding his red cheek."C'mon, lets get outta here and get u an ice pack yea?"i said to him as i examined his cheek. dang that girl can punch. i feel so bad that he had to do that, yell at a cashier and then get punched by her for me. why does he keep doing this stuff for me???



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