Look After You (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Leah clark is a 16 year old girl who is bullied every day non stop at school. everyone hates her, no body gives her a break, she thinks shes worthless and no one will ever like her or get to know the real her. that is, untill one day, a strange blonde boy saves her from being beaten yet again by one of her tormenters. they remain good friends from then on, but will they become more? or will they start to spread apart? read to find out.........(this is my fist movella so no hate please. like and fave!)


5. chapter 5

                     After Niall and i explained to the boys what happened, they were pissed off. "Why didnt you tell us you were being bullied before?" Kole asked, "I didnt wanna worry you guys..." i mumbled looking at my feet. "We could have stopped this a long time ago if you had just confronted us about it sooner." he said raising his voice. his fists were clenched and his expression was dark. "Dude calm down it's over now. We know whats going on now and we can handle it." Seth said, putting a hand on koles shoulder. He sighed and said, "fine, we'll talk about this later. the doctor said you can leave now so if u want we can go." i smiled and nodded, getting off the hospital bed. *good thing Niall had left about five minutes after the boys came in,that would've been really awkward...* i thought to my self. the thing that really bugs me is why did niall save me? im ugly, im fat, im shy, i have no friends, no one likes me. so why did he choose to save me? When we got home i was to tired to do anything so i decided to just go to bed. i didn't bother changing into any night cloths i just went straight to my sweet sweet bed. as soon as my head hit the pillow i was in a deep sleep.


Hey guys! im really sorry this chapter was so bad and so short. this is my first movella and i am really not experienced writing. :( please dont hate! i promise you this story will get better. xxx-Maya


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