Look After You (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Leah clark is a 16 year old girl who is bullied every day non stop at school. everyone hates her, no body gives her a break, she thinks shes worthless and no one will ever like her or get to know the real her. that is, untill one day, a strange blonde boy saves her from being beaten yet again by one of her tormenters. they remain good friends from then on, but will they become more? or will they start to spread apart? read to find out.........(this is my fist movella so no hate please. like and fave!)


2. chapter 1

  *I'm gonnah pop some taaags, only got twenty dollars in my pockeeett,* my alarm sang,"Uggggg." I groaned, desperately beating the crap out of my alarm in search of the button.Once i fought back the extreme laziness inside of me and got out of bed i decided to throw on my purple mustache shirt, jack wills hoodie,my black ripped skinny jeans, and my red DC shoes. I don't usually get all dressed so i decided to just simply straghten my hair in an atempt to get rid of my horrible cave woman look. once i looked half decent i headed down stairs to get my coffie and my oatmeal. witnout it, im useless. "BACK OFF TYLER ITS MINE DEAL WITH IT!!" i heard from the kitchen *oh no not again* i thought to my self.I ran to the kitchen to see my twin brothers tyler and greyson fighting over what looked to be the last pancake "NO ITS MINE I WANT IT!!!" i heard greyson yell. As those two boys were trying to kill each other over a pancake, my two other brothers kole and seth were struggling to get them off each other. suddenly i had a plan. as those 4 were to didtracted to notice my presence i snuck by them and plopped the pancake in my mouth saying "mmm,thanks for saveing me one boys it's really good." i said with a smile. all their eyes quickly landed on me devouring the pancake. tyler and greysons faces were full of sorrow eyeing the half eaten pancake in my hand."come on boys were gonnah be late its almost seven thirty five." they nodded their heads and grabbed their bags as we walked to our huge white van.On the way to school i was more scared than ever. thoughts filled my head. will they hurt me again? Why do they keep doing this to me? what have i done? what will they do this time? my thoughts were cut off by Kole screaming "Were here now get out of the car so i can go home and get back to sleep!" "Ok ok jeez grumpy!" i said getting out of the car.

i put my hood up and left my sun glasses on in a hope that no one would know who i am. Not gonnah happen. "hey bitch why don't u do us a favor and go crawl back under the rock u call a home so we wont have to see your ugly face again." a girl screamed at me. everyone laughed while i tried my best to ignore them. They kept throwing insults at me calling me things like a slut, a whore, a cunt, fat, ugly, weird, anything they could think of that would break me down.I tried to hold back tears but their words hurt so much *ignore them ignore them ignore them just be strong and ignore hem leah* i thought to my self, then finally after what felt like hours, the bell rang. i went to class and as i walked i heard people mumbling things like bitch or slut. Why me? why am i their target? why do they want to see me broken so badly? what is it about me that's so hard to deal with?


hey guys! what do you think so far? it will get more exiting i promise. meanwhile please tell me what u think of it and if i should make any changes. xoxo-Maya

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