a family torn

savannah is living her dream. shes married to niall horan and has two beautiful little girls. the fame causes pressure on the family and sparks arguments with her and niall, but at the end of the day they love eachother. but then a tragedy strikes the family is torn and all hell breaks loose.


3. what if

"but....she was just a random lady who...who i bumped into and she followed me around the shop afterwards but she looked harmless" i said fiddling with my fingers nerveously

"well, if you give us the name of the shop we wll check th survalliance and check it out, but until then im gonna need you both to report any suspicious activity, you got me?" the detective said looking us straight in the eye

i nodded my head yes and niall lead the detective to the door, i collapsed onto the couch and sat silently.

i felt warm hands rest on my back niall stood behinf me. joining the silence.

"what if we never see her again? what if shes gone forever" a qiuetly asked

"i promise you that wont happen, we.will see her again, i know it hard love but we need to be strong for everyones sake"he said resting his chin on my shoulder.

the baby let out a wail, i stood up to go get her, but niall stopped me.

"you rest ill get her" he said calmly,

"no. i need to hold my baby, i need to know that shes safe in my arms" i whispered then walked off. i held the baby in my arms. she was so sweet, her dark grey eyes stared up at me and her little hands moved around tring to grasp the air. she looked just like niall. every single part of her, even her little smile.   she was beautiful just like her big sister. i breathed in, trying to forget all my worries but it wasnt possible. what if she was dead, what if shes being hurt, what if. what if. there were so many damn what ifs. i felt as if i didnt fulfill my duty of being a good mother. as a mother your suppposed to protect your children and care for them and look what happened. my own child who i nurtured from the second i found out i was preagnant with is gone. gone!. shes propably scared and traumatized. visons flashed through my mind of mckenna screaminf from mummy and daddy. the oain was unbearable it hurt so freakin bad. i lost it again and broke down into tears

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