a family torn

savannah is living her dream. shes married to niall horan and has two beautiful little girls. the fame causes pressure on the family and sparks arguments with her and niall, but at the end of the day they love eachother. but then a tragedy strikes the family is torn and all hell breaks loose.


1. my little girls



"hey baby girl, time to get up, ".

i patted my 3 year old daughter mckenna on the back trying to wake her. she would budge, she took after her daddy when it came to sleeping and lazyness.

"sleepy head. cmon get up" i continued to say then gave her another pat. mcenna opened her eyes and rolled over so she was facing me.

"hello beautiful" i whispered

"mummy!" mckenna shot up and wrapped her arms around my neck

"someone seems to be in a jolly mood today, huh?" i planted a kiss across her soft rosy cheek.

"wheres daddy?" she asked,looking up at me with her beautiful green eyes.

"daddy is downstairs with baby ella, should we go say goodmorning"

"yes!!!" she said sounding excited about this "marveleous" idea.

i picked her up and carried her downstairs. niall was lying on the couch with our newborn sprawled across his chest. both were fast asleep. i smiled . he wass an amazing dad, always wanting to cuddle ans hold his little girls.

"well kenna it looks like ella and daddy have gone back to bed, so how about mummy making you some eggs to eat" i asked putting her down.

"ok" she replied then ran off into the play room.

i made kenna some breakfeast, dropped her off at day care then came back home.

i walked into the lounge and plopped myself on the couch hoping to steal myself a few minutes of rest. but my husband had different ideas. niall leaned hiself over me and planted soft kisses up my neck. i let out a quik groan of satisfaction.

"babe wheres ella" i asked

"in her crib, dont worry' he replied then planted another kiss on my neck. the phone rang i ran up to get it.


"oooh i will , no worrys" i said then picked up the phone

"hello. savannah horan speaking, how may i help you" i said into the reciver.

the woman on the other line told me something that would change my life forever, something that would tear my family apart. i dropped the phone in shock and fell to the floor.



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