a family torn

savannah is living her dream. shes married to niall horan and has two beautiful little girls. the fame causes pressure on the family and sparks arguments with her and niall, but at the end of the day they love eachother. but then a tragedy strikes the family is torn and all hell breaks loose.


2. missing

 niall rushed over to my side

"vannah, love whats wrong" he cupped my chin in his hands. i couldnt answer , the cries and the screams wouldnt stop.

"its...its kenna" i muttered out ibetween breathes.

'vannah, look at me and tell me what happened" his voice was harsh and serious now.

"shes gone" my own words i had just said where words that where my worst nightmare.

he stared at me for a second. contemplating what i had just said

"what the hell does that mean?!"

"niall...shes...shes..gone...her teacher said..that they all went outside to play and ....she turned around and she wasnt there, my babys gone" i cried so hard i was gasping for air, niall wrapped his arms around me,

"dear god!, im sure they will find her. the police, thats their job, right? they deal with this stuff all the time, dont worry"

i could tell he was the one that was worried beacuse of what he had just said. it shocked him too. he was scared. our baby girl was gone .

 we sat on the floor in eachothers arms crying until the police knocked on our door. we let them in, niall gave mckennas discription to the detective and all her information. i left the room. i couldnt stand it.  i didnt want it to be real. ella let out a cry. i jumped at the opportunity to forget about everything and ran to get her.

"its ok love, mummys here" i cuddled her in my arms and held her tight.

her crys began to stop as i gently rocked heer back and forth. now i was the one crying. i just lost it. here i was holding my little baby while somewhere out there my other child may be dead or hurt!. why was god doing this to me! my crys turned into screams i just stood there screaming helplessly. i couldnt breathe. the pain was too much for me to handle. niall rushed into the nursery , he gently took ella from my arms and put her back in her crib where she lay silently now asleep again. i cupped my hand to my mouth trying to stop the crys.

"sshhh, it alright babe, the cops are doing everything they can to find her" he said.

"how...how can you be so calm. our child is missing, how? why? " i wasnt even making sense now.

he didnt answer. he wiped my tears away and just held me.

"the detective wants to talk to you, do you think you can manage just for a few minutes, love?" niall asked.

i nodded my head. i walked back down stairs and let the detective do his job, whatever that was.

"mirs horan, do you know of anyone who had anything against your family that maybe would cause them to take mckenna?" he asked.

"no..i... i dont think so...." i replied

"have you seen anyone, maybe following you, anything suspicious?"

"umm...well there was this one person........." i started to say


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