The love we will find

Niall Horan is always busy with work: singing with One Direction. While on tour he went out to the beach to relax. Then he accidenialy bumps into a beautiful girl named Maddy. He starts to talk then they hang out and become friends...or will they really become more? ~~~ PLZ no hate this is my first fanfiction and well my first book!!!


1. My Life

      NIALLS POV        I sit at the table in Nando's and wait for my food. "Here you go"  said a waitress that I have never seen here before. "Are you new here..." She cut me off "Yes I just moved from Ohio here to California. I was hoping I'd run into you." said a beautiful girl. She set down my plate and left me to eat so she could handle some other tables. My eyes followed her the whole time and then Dean interrupted, " Niall you checkin' out the new bee?" he gave a nasty grin "What? No! " I said just a little loudly " Well then eat! We have reservations later !" Dean said as he left. Me and Dean are like brothers other than the boys though. We've known each other at a young age and we've known each other ever since. I left then went to the beach because Lou and Harry had sore-throats so we had 3 weeks off. As soon as I got there I saw her fore she stood out. She ran into the water and then I started running closer.

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