The love we will find

Niall Horan is always busy with work: singing with One Direction. While on tour he went out to the beach to relax. Then he accidenialy bumps into a beautiful girl named Maddy. He starts to talk then they hang out and become friends...or will they really become more? ~~~ PLZ no hate this is my first fanfiction and well my first book!!!


2. Her Life

   I got up and ran into the water. "Hey! You!" I yelled as I ran toward her " Were you my waitress?" she turned "Oh hi Niall. Yeah why?" "Oh well I really only had one waitress here until now and I wanted to get to" She smiled "Alright my name is Maddy I'm 19 I love food but my favorite food is cheese I play futbol (soccer) and um... I'm a Directioner!" she laughed at what she said herself so I laughed along. " But you need to tell me about yourself, too." So I told her the basics of me... in fact it was almost the same things she said. She kind of blushed. We talked on and on about ourselves until the sun started to set and the moon came out. Her friends were long gone and so was everyone else. I looked away from the setting sun and rising moon and looked her straight in her beautiful brown eyes. I felt like I've known her forever and she loved me to but she didn't. We exchanged numbers and I kept looking deep into her beautiful brown eyes..." Niall you alright there?" she said smiling as she got up " I have to go...bye!" she walked away with such grace... and then I realized that I was loving with my eyes... and now I'm loving with my heart.

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