The love we will find

Niall Horan is always busy with work: singing with One Direction. While on tour he went out to the beach to relax. Then he accidenialy bumps into a beautiful girl named Maddy. He starts to talk then they hang out and become friends...or will they really become more? ~~~ PLZ no hate this is my first fanfiction and well my first book!!!


3. Friends Maybe?

           I got up the next morning and texted Maddy right away. She replied quick "HEY!!! What are you doing today?! ~Maddy " She was so sweet I just wish I could tell her I loved her and I could...

     MADDYS POV        Niall texted me so early in the morning and I replied 'cause I was up. BEEP " Nothin' wanna hang? ~ Niall " I smiled. I kinda liked him, but I dont know why. I replied with a yes. I got up and went to my closet. What to wear? I picked out a blue fitted tee with white skinny shorts and bright orange sandals. Perfect! I curled my hair and brushed my teeth. I grabbed my favorite bag and left the house. I locked the door and got in my car, then called Niall before I pulled away. I asked him where to and he said his house, but he added that we wouldnt be alone....

    NIALLS POV            I told her that we wouldnt be alone and I hope she didnt mind. Plus it was just my mates, and me. I knew I loved her but I knew I couldnt just blurt it out on the first "date"  so i decided to keep it in for a while even though i knew it would be hard.

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